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Where You Can Get Basic Car Services for Under 50 Dollars in Chicago

May 8th, 2009

chicago-cheap-car-repair.jpgIf your car breaks down while you’re driving around Chicago and you suddenly find yourself in need of auto repair services but don’t have much money, this brief review article by Spring Stillman can point you to a few places where you can get relatively cheap car repairs from reputable local mechanics. However, if your car is having problems similar to the one that is shown in the picture, you might need to pay a little more to bring it back into working condition.

Have you ever tried to call for towing service because your car got a flat tire? And someone on the other side of the phone told you that they would charge a minimum of $100 just to come out?

If your car breaks down on one of the streets of Chicago, do you panic because the average rate of labor at a mechanic shop is above $98 an hour?

Here is some good news. Call Raymond Towing Service at 773-306-3126 and you may only need to pay $30-40 to have your flat tire changed. Take your car to A-K Auto Service and Body Shop on South Halsted Street, and you can get a flat tire repaired or a head lamp replaced for $10-20. They will also adjust the air pressure of all your tires at your request.

Are you interested in a real hand-wash job for your car? You can get it for $20-25. If you have the funds to have your vehicle detailed inside and the body waxed and buffed on the outside, a place that provides excellent quality of service for under $200 is called State Street Car Wash and Detail Service at 17th and State Streets. Your car will come out looking spic and span, with glossy shine on the dashboard and the tires!

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