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How to Shop for Used Furniture in Consignment Stores

May 11th, 2009

consignment-store-furniture.jpgShopping at consignment stores can be a good way to save money on furniture or other useful items. This article by Spring Stillman describes how you can get some good deals on this kind of “pirate loot” and even make money by selling undervalued items bought at consignment stores through other venues.

Better Than the Pirate’s Treasure Chest: Shopping for Furniture at Consignment Stores

Consignment furniture stores specialize in resale of pre-owned home furnishings to customers who look for near-new or used furniture at bargain prices. From cheap little lamps to rare antiques, these stores often provide lots of fabulous finds for the foraging shopper aimed at making their home a palace with the pirate’s loot.

Savvy furniture shoppers are armed with more than a pirate’s eye patch. With a hunger for good old furniture items that will not only serve such everyday use purposes as a dining table or a sofa chair, but also make a personal statement of their taste in style through their home decors, they hope to take home a load of treasures with only a pocketful of cash.

Looking for an art piece to hang on your wall? You may just find an 18th century oil painting in a consignment store that will fetch thousands of dollars in an antique market. Budget conscious artists and designers can pay $15 for an old picture and use its quality frame for their favorite painting, saving hundreds of dollars in cost for an equivalent new frame. A handcrafted bedroom set built with authentic wood commands thousands of dollars in an upscale department store, but it can be bought with a fraction of the price tag in a consignment furniture store.

Whether you are buying for an empty room or trying to furnish an entire house, the experience of shopping in consignment stores offers its own wonders and surprises. In this process you can discover treasures better than that found in a pirate’s chest.

Well-run consignment stores usually have a fresh flow of attractive merchandise from quality sources such as private collections and estate sales from finer homes, model home staging samples, or quality closeouts. The showroom stock usually includes practical use items like bookcases and desks, coffee tables, and dressers of traditional and modern styles. Since fine quality furniture is ageless, buying such items in consignment stores makes a great investment both for both usage and resale values.

As a furniture display and marketing agent for the seller, the consignment stores derive a 40% to 50% commission from the sale price and the original owner gets the rest. Even at this rate, buyers can usually spot real deals at these shops. For high end items, if you look for stores that have acquisition appraisers who evaluate the furniture article first before they put a price tag on it, you are more likely to get a fair market value for that piece. For most other items, you can be the judge of their value based on your own knowledge and experiences. Oftentimes the beauty is also in the eyes of the beholder.

How much are you willing to pay for that “one-of-a-kind” country style table that you never saw at a garage sale? Would those richly upholstered love seats lift your living room to higher sophistication and provide deeper comfort for your guests? These furniture pieces suddenly become affordable luxury for the shoppers of consignment stores. When the price is right, what’s there to stop you from doing a makeover of your home décor when you feel like it? After all, you can always resell your used furniture to a consignment store to get new cash again. Rather than being wasted, they will be recycled and reused.

Shopping for good used furniture in consignment stores beats the fun a pirate gets hunting for his loot. The treasures available for your selection are better than a pirate’s chest can hold. Buying quality used furniture from a consignment store not only saves a great deal of money, it also makes great sense as a short term or long term investment.

In addition, as you recycle your used furniture through these consignment stores, your well-loved furniture items enjoy an interesting journey with new owners who will cherish their quality and their beauty.

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  1. comment number 1 by: Cynthia

    Thanks so much for helping spread the word about the benefits of shopping consignment, especially for furniture and the home! Your neighbors appreciate your purchasing their items in stores like ours and helping them to recycle their previously goods!

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