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Blogging for Work-at-Home Professionals

May 19th, 2009

professional-blogging-work-at-home.jpgProfessionals working from home can generate extra income through niche blogging. Here are some ideas for using your market knowledge to create a helpful blog for other home-based workers. Although there may be other blogs on the same topic already established on the Internet, you can still share your own knowledge and perhaps provide a different perspective from what is currently available. You can also network with other bloggers on similar work-at-home topics and increase traffic to your niche blog.

Idea #1: What Do You Know?

Think about the type of work you perform in the home. Do you write articles or produce web pages? Perhaps you are a virtual assistant or a copy editor. Other people working from home are trying to become self-supporting like you. You know many tips that you discovered over time to become more efficient at your job. Make a list of what you know. Use each piece of knowledge as the topic for a separate blog entry.

Idea #2: Where Can Your Readers Make Money in the Niche Market?

If you find paying gigs online, write a detailed blog entry for each paying website. Most websites will change their terms and conditions, business models, and user features over time. One purpose of your blog is to inform readers about the changes in your niche market. Share insights for making more money at home. For example, your blog might attract attention in the market, resulting in an invitation to become a guest blogger on a major website. You can write a series of blog entries on your experiences as a guest blogger.

Idea #3: Where Can Readers Develop Their Skills?

One of the drawbacks of working at home is that people miss daily interaction with other professionals in the traditional office. If you discover events at which WAH professionals can develop their skills, you can provide event details on your blog. You can also review professional development events after you attend them. Readers will enjoy the information you learn at special events even if they cannot attend.

Idea #4: What Other Ways Can People Make Money in the Home?

As you continue to work in the niche market, the market will change. Each change constitutes another blog entry. One type of change is a new opportunity to apply your skill set in another market. If you diversify your work-at-home jobs by joining different markets, you can describe these experiences for your readers. Some people hesitate to share their market knowledge for fear of competition. Be confident and dare to share your knowledge in exchange for the residual income you can generate from a niche blog.

As a WAH blogger, you can make money providing advice to other WAH professionals. With tools like Google AdSense and paid ads from industry advertisers, your blog can become a leading source of information on a particular niche market. Give blogging a try through a free blogging platform such as WordPress or Blogger. A separate stream of revenue may turn out to be a fabulous source of income!

Angela Baca (also known as Audra Bianca) is a freelance writer, blogger, and novelist. Her favorite topics include housing, business, education, Internet, technology, relationships, and green living. She also enjoys writing and editing for businesses and organizations.

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