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Guidelines for Purchasing Rubber Stamps

May 21st, 2009

buy-rubber-stamps.jpgWhat comes to mind when you hear about a tool that can be used in nearly any application and industry around the world? A screwdriver? Pliers? An Allen wrench? No, the most versatile tool is the rubber stamp. It is used in scrapbooking, card making, and any other sort of paper art projects that you may encounter. But how would one go about purchasing rubber stamps?

Purchasing rubber stamps can either be the most stressful or soothing shopping experience that you will take; it just depends on how you approach it. Let’s say that you have decided you want to get into the business of crafting with stamps but are clueless about how to shop for them. Therefore, you might need a guide. Here it is:

1. Stamping has three central elements to it: the stamp, the paper, and the ink. The stamp may be mounted to a piece of acrylic or wood. Acrylic, especially the clear kind, is best for beginners because it allows you to see exactly where the stamp is being placed. However, acrylic mounts create smudges much more easily, so it is important to purchase a higher quality stamping device.

2. Wood mounts that use natural rubber stamps are best for smaller paper arts projects, in that the natural rubber will soak up the ink very well and provide you with an incredibly crisp image. The downside to wooden mounts is that they are generally heavier and take up much more space than their acrylic counterparts. There is a way around this, however, if you happen to be ordering your stamping supplies over the Internet. If you order unmounted stamps, you can save quite a bit of money. This is achieved because unmounted stamps come in a sheet, which saves on shipping costs and the like. In this way, you would purchase fewer mounting devices because you could quickly and easily interchange stamps. The stamps that are purchased this way either have a static cling backing or magnets, which can attach to the style of mount you prefer.

3. When starting out, it may be best to make a trip to a craft store so that you can try out all of the different stamping mechanisms until you find the one you are most comfortable with. There are, however, different stamps for different functions. For instance, foam stamps are for fabric while natural rubber stamps are best suited for card making.
No matter which stamp you end up choosing, you can be certain that your projects will grow in quality and splendor over time. Your tools do not limit your possibilities; they simply make it all the more probable that your endeavors will soar to new heights with each hallmark, each impression that makes your work truly yours.

Gary Iverson is currently a student at Illinois State University who is pursuing a degree in renewable energy. His interests in writing articles focus mostly on the areas of technology, history, and travel, but he is also willing to write about a variety of other topics.

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