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Places of Interest in Livorno, Italy

June 19th, 2009

livorno-places-of-interest.jpgLivorno is the third largest port city on the west coast of Italy and is in the district of Tuscany. The city was designed at the end of the sixteenth century and was expanded at the end of the seventeenth century. It has a population of approximately 170,000. The main industry in Livorno is in petrochemicals, but it also produces two famous liqueurs, Tuaca and Galliano. The closest airport to Livorno is in Pisa, which is accessible by train.

Like Venice on the east coast, Livorno has a dense network of canals which were originally built to connect the port to the warehouses inland, including its own Grand Canal. The Museo Mascagnano is a large building in Livorno which acts not only as a museum, but an opera house. Up in the hills behind Livorno is the Sanctuary of Montenero, which is dedicated to the patron saint of Tuscany and is a destination for pilgrims. One of the most important monuments in Livorno is the Monument of the Four Turks, dedicated to Duke Ferdinando I de Medici. Other monuments can be found in the Piazza della Repubblica, one of Livorno’s main squares.

The food in Livorno is Tuscan fare based mostly on seafood. The most famous dish in the city is cacciucco, which is a fish stew. Between February and April, a major gourmet show is held in Livorno featuring wine and oil tasting and other special events. Shopping in Livorno is mainly centered on the Grand Canal where porticos house many shops, including famous Italian and international designers. For more down-to-earth shopping, visit the Mercato Central, an Art Nouveau building containing 180 stalls for food and meats. The Mercatino Americano is an American market which sells imported items from the United States.

Venturing out from Livorno, the coast nearby is dotted with many resorts, marinas, and beaches. Two of the more famous are Castiglioncello, a resort overlooking the sea on red cliffs, and Vada, a small, peaceful resort with white sandy beaches. The Etruscan Coast is a series of nearby towns famous for wine production and tours of the area that rival the vineyards of France and Napa. There are also several sailing and rowing competitions held each year off the coast of Livorno.

For a peaceful vacation in the heart of Tuscany, Livorno makes a great destination, or stopping off point for nearby Florence and Pisa. For staying in Livorno, there are several hotels in town, including the four-star Hotel Hermitage, or you can visit one of the many lodges on the Etruscan Coast for seaside luxury.

Darryl Brooks is a lifetime resident of Georgia with homes in Dunwoody, a suburb of Atlanta, and St. Simons Island on the coast. At various times he has had businesses in construction, computers, and photography. He has written a wide variety of articles on these and other non-fiction subjects as well as many short stories.

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