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6th Target by James Patterson Book Review

June 28th, 2009

Published in April 2007, The 6th Target is the sixth book in the ‘Women’s Murder Club’ series by award-winning author James Patterson. The prolific author has once again delivered a fast-paced thriller designed to keep readers on the edge of their seats, this time with a story involving a serial killer, a shooting spree on a boat, and a series of kidnappings. Based on the lives of four friends, the WMC series has proven to be very popular, with the creation of a television series based on these books.

Like other Patterson novels, The 6th Target has several story lines running throughout the entirety of the book: a serial killer is on the loose in an apartment block, a killer is on trial, and a child has been kidnapped. Detective Lindsay Boxer must solve the crimes before it’s too late, while her friend Yuki is leading the prosecution’s case against the man accused of conducting a shooting spree. To make matters worse, one member of the WMC is at risk of being the next victim of the serial killer, while another falls victim to a violent crime.

In true Patterson style, The 6th Target is comprised of super-short chapters, great imagery, and a fast-paced storyline that includes several twists, a formula which has resulted in him becoming one of the most popular crime writers of the decade. While primarily written in first person narrative from the point of view of Lindsay Boxer, Patterson frequently changes to third person so that the reader can follow the actions of the killer and other members of the WMC. While this novel is part of a series, Patterson provides enough information for it to stand alone and make sense to a reader unfamiliar with the previous WMC books.

As with many of his books from recent years, The 6th Target has once again seen Patterson collaborate with another author, Maxine Paetro, who has worked with Patterson on three of the WMC books. Patterson credits his collaboration with other authors with bringing new and interesting ideas to his work. However, it is this strategy that has also led to some criticism of his recent books, with some critics referring to them as ‘factory-fiction’. On the other hand, Patterson does not hide the fact that his newer books are collaborations, and although they may not be of the same quality as his books that he has written solely, it has enabled him to release several books in quick succession, something that his fans are no doubt grateful for.

After some fantastic earlier novels such as Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider, the quality of Patterson’s recent novels has been inconsistent. While The 6th Target is definitely better than some of his other recent offerings such as Beach House and The Jester, it still lacks the well-crafted plot and depth of books such as Kiss the Girls and does not provide the satisfying ending that is common with his books. As fans will know, the use of multiple plots is a common feature of Patterson’s’ books, and while it does add to the excitement of the book, in this instance it becomes a little frustrating, with the constant switching between story lines and the underdevelopment of certain parts of each plot. But if you’re after an easy, fast-paced thriller that you can devour in a weekend, The 6th Target provides a decent read.

Book Details:

Title: The 6th Target
Authors: James Patterson & Maxine Paetro
Pages: 328
ISBN: 0755330366
ISBN-13: 9780755330362
Publisher: Headline Publishing Group, London
Publishing Date: April 2007

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  1. comment number 1 by: Ireland5

    The 6th Target was a good book - as usual from this author. Lately, however, he has been in collaboration with other writers. He’s been acting as a mentor to up and coming writers. His latest books have all had a ‘co-author’ - I suspect the co-author has been doing most of the writing - just my opinion.

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