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Ipsos I-Say Looking for More USA Panelists

July 3rd, 2009

Join the Ipsos Survey PanelAccording to the July newsletter that I received earlier today, the Ipsos I-Say survey company has temporarily deactivated registrations for members from Germany and the UK. However, they are seeking more members from the USA, specifically mothers with babies and males of all ages. As you can see from the newsletter message below, we are not allowed to promote the program in a “get rich quick” kind of way, nor are we allowed to offer incentives for joining. However, I can say that I have been a member of their panel before, and found Ipsos to be one of the more reliable survey programs out there.

While it is true that taking Ipsos surveys is not intended to be a substitute for regular employment, you can still have some fun with it by having the opportunity to test a variety of products before they become available in retail stores. You can also provide your opinion about current products or advertisements, which has the potential to influence future offerings from major companies. If you would like to join, all you need to do is click on the little square banner in the upper left of this page (yes, it’s free) to reach the correct page on the Ipsos I-Say website.

Summer is heating up, and now is a great time to promote the Ipsos program! Please be reminded that we have temporarily deactivated the UK panel promotions that had been available to you until recently. We are continuing to find the best ways to provide you with offers with high earning potential. If you have not yet taken down UK links, please do so now, as they are no longer active. We want to reiterate some guidelines which will ensure you have the best chances of converting our offer on your site, and deliver quality panelists to Ipsos. Please take a look at the below guidelines and double-check that you are NOT promoting our offer in the following ways:

1. provides a list of links and/or advertisements but no content
2. is primarily intended to profit from the sale of advertisement spots
3. is not operating at a fully functional level (under construction, unfinished, etc.)
4. is not language specific with respect to the particular country Ipsos is promoting offer in
5. offers incentives to users to view ads by clicking on them or signing up to offers similar to that of Ipsos
6. includes spawning process pop-up and exit pop-ups
7. includes content with work from home, get paid for taking surveys, earn big money/rewards for survey work, etc. messaging
8. makes broad statements that suggest that registrants can or will make significant earnings on a consistent and/or ongoing basis.
9. job sites that insinuate that registering for our offer is tantamount to acquiring any form of job with compensation

July Panelist Bonuses

During the month of July, the Ipsos U.S. program is offering a lucky potential panelist $1,000 to attend his/her favorite sporting event. In addition, new panelists have the chance to earn $5,000 for joining and confirming their membership.

Recent Panelist Bonuses

Recent panelist bonuses in the Ipsos U.S. program have included a $1,000 Shopping Spree, a BBQ/Grill, a Notebook Laptop, and a $500 Wal-Mart Gift Card.

**DE and UK: Programs Temporarily Inactive**

Tips for Promoting Ipsos

In the U.S. program, Ipsos is currently looking for more mothers with babies, regardless of age. The U.S. program is also seeking male panelists of all ages. As the Germany and UK panelist links are temporarily deactivated, please do not promote these panels. As of right now, there is no specific date as to when these links will be activated again, but you will be notified when they will be live again. As an ongoing reminder, please remember that incentivizing the Ipsos offer on your site is against program policy. In order to help ensure that the panelists you send to Ipsos are motivated to complete surveys, offering them prizes and other incentives as payment for signing up is a violation we will strictly enforce (it attracts panelists who have no interest in actually completing surveys).

Best Regards,

Ipsos Affiliate Program

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