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Bukisa Upgrades to 1.1 Beta Version

July 6th, 2009

get paid for writing articlesLast Thursday the relatively new revenue sharing content site Bukisa announced that it was implementing a significant upgrade to Beta Version 1.1. In addition to the usual model of being able to submit articles to the site and earning a portion of the revenues collected, Bukisa has introduced a range of new features, including private messaging, new banners for promoting, better tracking for friends and referrals, more detailed statistics, Twitter integration, and a tab for viewing comments from other users.

Bukisa is also beginning to tighten up its submission policies somewhat. According to the latest notice, they are now rejecting articles that are obviously of poor quality or are simply self-promotional. Nevertheless, as long as your writing is up to par, Bukisa can be a good way to earn a small but steady passive income from your articles. You can join the site for free by clicking on the banner in the upper left of this page. Meanwhile, here is the text of Bukisa’s recent newsletter that explains the details of the latest upgrade.

We wanted to let you know that we have just recently upgraded to version 1.1 Beta of Bukisa. It is our hope that our latest version will give you an enhanced and smoother experience on our site, and make it easier for you to produce and publish your work as well as increase your traffic and exposure.

Below is a list of the new features that we have added over the last few days:

Private Messaging

You can now use our new private message feature to send messages to your friends, people in your network and so forth, thus helping to motivate your followers and network to create more content and become more active.

New Invite Banners

We now offer a choice of five flashy banners that you can use to invite all your friends and family to your Bukisa site, in order to grow your network of Bukisa publishers.

Network and Friends Notifications

Want to see what’s happening in your network and with your Bukisa friends? Now you can see who signed up for your network, listed you as a friend, see the new content that was created within your network and see who your Bukisa fans are.

New Stat Displays

We have created awesome graphs that allow you to see how many total views you received each and every day! This latest feature allows you to see which sites referred viewers to your content, as well as the top keywords that led them to your content.

Twitter Widget

Have Twitter? Well, we have created a badge to user profile pages for users who have added their twitter info with us. This will help you all gain more followers and also drive you greater exposure and a larger reader audience when your content is published, as it will automatically publish on Twitter. Please be sure to list your Twitter info with us and make sure to get our new Bukisa Twitter Widget!

Manual Invite Feature

We’ve now added a feature for you to add your friends manually for those that can’t use our automatic email importer.

Comments Tab

We created a new tab where you can see all the comments that you received. You can also view the comments that you left.

Important Notice

We are starting to review our content more strictly. Content that is not up to par, against our TOS, inappropriate, badly edited and written in poor grammar will be rejected. Sloppy and quick work that looks unprofessional gives a poor look to Bukisa and you can help us by sending us a comment if you read content that is of poor quality or inappropriate for our site.

We will also be rejecting articles with Author Biographies, written in caps, bold, having links in titles, self-advertisement, and without paragraphs and good format. Articles that look like self-advertisement will likewise be rejected. We will only be publishing quality and well-written work.

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