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MyJewelryBox.com Affiliate Program News

July 9th, 2009

SAVE 20% ON ALL JEWELRY! COUPON CODE : MJBSAVE20CWith the prices of precious metals like gold and silver remaining at relatively high levels, jewelry sales represent a potentially lucrative market. Although it may seem like a contrarian strategy given the current economic downturn, even in recessions there are people with enough money to spend on luxury items. If you can manage to target the right niche, affiliate programs from companies such as MyJewelryBox.com offer the possibility of larger commission amounts for each transaction.

This particular program is offered through the Commission Junction network and provides an additional benefit that I have seen few other companies offer — they actually provide affiliate tracking on telephone orders so that it is still possible to earn commissions even if a customer does not finalize a purchase through the website. Standard commission is 10% on all orders, with the possibility of this increasing to 11% or 12% for total sales volumes of $1,500 and $3,000 respectively. Additional tips and details can be found in the latest news posting, which I have reprinted below.

Meanwhile, if you would like to check out the site (or maybe even buy some stuff :) ), just click on the red banner in the upper left corner of this page. You can use the coupon code MJBSAVE20C to save 20% on all orders.

June was a hot month for MyJewelryBox.com, and July is getting even hotter! The partnership with Paulson Management Group has been terrific, and we’re still working on improving the program even more for you. Affiliate Videos are coming soon to the Advanced Links section, as well as deeply linked products and categorical links to the Text Links section.

We have got some new banners for you as well this month, promoting our blowout Christmas in July sale! Consumers can save up to 80% off on fine jewelry items this month. Use the banners below to promote these incredible deals.

MyJewelryBox.com Affiliate News

  1. Remember that you can earn commissions on orders placed over the phone! A JavaScript on the MyJewelryBox.com website pulls your PID from the referral links and ads it as a promotional code on the bottom of the website. Phone operators are trained to ask for this code when taking an order - which means NO PHONE LEAKS on commissions!
  2. The 20% off banners have all been replaced with fresh creative featuring our luscious ruby jewelry. Promote this sale today with great banner and text links and the coupon code MJBSAVE20C!
  3. July’s monthly promotion is “Christmas in July”. Now through July 31st, we are offering up to 80% off on select items. New creative has been added (replacing the Father’s Day creative) for your promotion of this great sale.
  4. Deep Linking for PPC bidding is OK! So is using MyJewelryBox.com as your display URL! Direct linking is also allowed! We’ve added an extensive keyword list for use in paid search bidding, and all we ask is that you do not bid on our protected trademarks of MyJewelryBox.com, MyJewelryBox, www.MyJewelryBox.com
  5. The datafeed for MyJewelryBox.com is now available straight through Commission Junction and through aggregation tools at PopShops, DataFeedFile, and the Datafeedr WordPress plug-in. Add a datafeed of over 3,000 fashionable jewelry items to your site today!

MyJewelryBox.com Tips & Tricks - Ad Placement

  1. Place banner links “above the fold” on your site so visitors see the banner immediately and do not have to scroll down to see them. This improves click-through rates on banners.
  2. The bigger the better - larger banners are more visible and will get more clicks when paired with appropriate content.
  3. Give links “run of site”. Make sure the link is visible on every page of your website. This will improve visibility and being in front of your visitors eyes will attract more potential buyers.
  4. Add text links to the navigation of your website. Adding a direct link to MyJewelryBox.com to the navigation of your website will encourage more clicks and sales. Incorporating text links into content is also a fantastic way to pre-qualify the traffic you are sending to MyJewelryBox.com and raise conversions.

There are SO many fantastic ways to earn huge commissions with the MyJewelryBox.com affiliate program, we are so excited to have you working with us as an affiliate partner! Let us know if there is anything you need to ensure success with the program!

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