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BluePenguin Software Offers Spyware Removal Affiliate Program

July 11th, 2009

Zap Spyware and Keep it Gone!Yesterday I received another affiliate newsletter, this time from a spyware removal company called BluePenguin Software. I almost forgot about this one; BluePenguin is one of the many affiliate programs that I had signed up for a few months ago when I joined the Commission Junction network. They seem to have a pretty good program going so far — the commission rate is 40%, there is a 90 day cookie, and according to the description, BluePenguin is the only company that offers a guarantee of 100% spyware removal.

As always, if you would like to check out the product for yourself I have provided a nice big banner up there in the top left of this article for you to click through on so that you can reach the correct site. You can use the coupon code SPY10 to take 10% off your order. More details about the products and the affiliate program can be found in the newsletter below.

Welcome to the July affiliate newsletter for BluePenguin Software. In this edition of the newsletter we want to showcase our two products SpyZooka and RegZooka, and provide you with a discount coupon to offer your customers that’ll give them 10% off SpyZooka. The coupon code is SPY10.

Please note that BluePenguin Software is currently offering customers who purchase SpyZooka the opportunity to buy RegZooka for $10! This means that through the coupon above your customers can purchase both SpyZooka and RegZooka for $35.95. This is a massive $23.95 saving on both products!

Why You Should Work With BluePenguin Software

The BluePenguin Software affiliate program has gone from strength to strength since we launched through Commission Junction on 10/10/2008. Here are some reasons why you should work with us:

1. High Conversion Rate. We convert your traffic! BluePenguin’s respected brand, high quality software, low price point and great value results in a conversion rate that averages 2% across all earning affiliates. [Our top affiliates convert at over 5%].

2. High Commission Rate. We’ll pay you 40% on each and every sale you make through the BluePenguin Software affiliate program.

3. Trusted Program Management. BluePenguin’s affiliate program is run through the Commission Junction network and professionally managed by AMWSO.

4. 90 Day Cookie. The customers you refer to us don’t have to buy right away for you to profit. We have a 90 day tracking cookie so even if they return to our website and purchase months after visiting through your site we’ll still pay you.

5. Monthly Newsletter Support. As a BluePenguin affiliate you’ll receive an informative monthly email that’ll give you the tools/resources to better market our software. We’ll also keep you updated on; affiliate competitions, activation bonuses, program updates etc.

6. Keyword Support for CPC Campaigns. BluePenguin Software offers affiliates full support for paid search campaigns. Email me for a full keyword list.

7. Parasite Free Program. As with all AMWSO managed programs the BluePenguin Software affiliate program is parasite free. And always will be.

8. Free Content. BluePenguin Software offers affiliates high quality content that can be used for Web and Email Marketing. Email me for more information.

Only We Guarantee 100% Spyware Removal

Our guarantee is simple. If your customers have spyware that SpyZooka doesn’t remove on the first scan, we’ll give them a free update in less than 24 hours that removes everything from Malware to Trojan horses, and all other computer Spyware. It doesn’t matter how complicated the spyware is, our programmers will analyze their spyware problem and give them a free update to fix it.

Our Spyware removal guarantee covers 100% removal of: Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers, Trojan Horses, Worms, Malware, Hijackers, Dialers, Unwanted Toolbars, Rootkits, Rogue Antispyware, Botnets, Unwanted Bbrowser Plugins and any other related threats. Other spyware removers claim they can remove 100% of spyware, but Spyzooka is the only spyware remover that guarantees removal of all types of spyware from your customer’s PC.

How your customers get their free spyware remover update:

  • On the “RESULTS” page of their SpyZooka spyware remover scan, they’ll see a button that allows them to send the results of their scan to the SpyZooka elite programming team.
  • Their scan results will be received by the SpyZooka team. They will examine the results immediately, tearing it apart to determine exactly how the spyware on your customers computer works and how best to remove it.
  • The team will automatically update our spyware database. Your customers can then easily download their FREE update with a simple mouse click.
  • They’ll then run another scan and see that their computer is clean as a whistle and running fast and smooth once again. The entire process takes less than 24 hours. Actually, our average time to cleanse a computer of spyware is exactly 404 minutes (less than 7 hours!)

That’s it. No fancy language or legal disclaimers. We have been successfully removing spyware since 2004, and we’ll continue doing it to keep your customer’s PC spyware free.

BluePenguin Software Products


  1. SpyZooka antispyware is recommended by computer experts worldwide.
  2. Detects, removes, and blocks all types of spyware and adware threats.
  3. Advanced features are totally automated.
  4. Our proprietary spyware destroying robot hits at least 100 million web pages a day to find new spyware threats.
  5. Daily updates ensure your complete protection.
  6. We immunize your computer so you’re protected from future spyware infection.
  7. Free unlimited customer support.
  8. 60 day 100% SpyZooka spyware detector money back guarantee.


  1. RegZooka registry cleaner is recommended by computer experts worldwide.
  2. Solves all types of registry problems and computer error codes, including dll errors and runtime errors.
  3. Optimizes your computer so it runs like new.
  4. Simple enough for the average computer user.
  5. Automatic scans keep your PC running like new, simply set it and forget it.
  6. Free unlimited customer support.
  7. 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

You will always find World-Class IT security systems at unbeatable prices through BluePenguinSoftware.

Zap Spyware and Keep it Gone!

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