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Stress Management and Productivity

August 10th, 2009

stress-management-productivity.jpgEach and every person deals with stress in his or her own unique, individual ways. While some may prefer high-energy activities such as kickboxing or sports, others may seek therapeutic refuge in hobbies like yoga, taking a walk, or writing. During the most stressful times, a person can always rely on these various techniques to eliminate stress. Following is a brief explanation of some effective stress management methods.

As a general relaxation technique, yoga helps to generate extra energy in the muscles and to quite literally stretch away problems in life. This assists in “de-stressing” the body, simply due to the nature of the activity. By focusing both mind and body simultaneously, the yoga enthusiast can detach from the problems and life and view them from an objective point of view, thinking through each of them logically and rationally.

For a more physical approach, going out for a walk or a stroll around the park also helps to release stress. At times, this can even turn into a jog which allows for a bit more exercise, which releases chemical endorphins that give a person the feeling of happiness or contentment. In many towns and cities, nature trails and parks can often be utilized for walking, biking, jogging, and other non-invasive sports. Walking, jogging, and general exercise provide a physical release of stress and allow one to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the meantime.

Yet another path taken to release stress for many is writing. The psychological benefit of writing down potential stressors and scenarios allow for review. Physically writing it out of the system in a rational way offers a brand of stress management unparalleled by many other techniques. Many counselors agree that journaling is a form of self-induced behavioral therapy, allowing one to sort through rational and irrational issues by placing them in the physical realm. By understanding that most stress in life is not caused by elements beyond a person’s control, writing down and looking for a resolution is a highly effective stress management technique.

In health, it is always important to remember that mental health is of equal importance to physical health. Finding a personal method of stress management that is enjoyable is essential to relaxation and beneficial use of leisure time. The ability to maintain and manage one’s stress is imperative to living in happiness and preserving inner peace, as well as performing with maximum efficiency and productivity.

Lindsey Croft is a freelance writer and has been involved in interdisciplinary journalism for the last three years. She currently resides with her family in central Florida.

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