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7 Helper Applications That Make Twitter Even More Fun

August 12th, 2009

twitter-helper-applications-logo.jpgEvery day it seems microblogging becomes more and more a part of the online experience. Twitter, which encourages you to answer the question “What are you doing?”, is the current leader of the microblogging craze. Twittering is relatively simple. You sign up for an account, describe yourself in 140 characters, upload a picture, and you are ready to tweet. The simplicity of Twitter is perhaps one of its most attractive features. Unlike many social media sites, Twitter has almost no learning curve. A few minutes after signing up you’re an expert.

The simple and uncomplicated interface of Twitter has spawned many sites that offer various helper applications. These handy little ‘apps’ allow you to analyze and optimize your Twitter experience.

The Twitter website shows you a list of the people you follow and a list of the people who follow you. You cannot, however, see a list of the two combined. For this you need a helper application.

1. Your Twitter Karma

Your Twitter Karma is a Flash application that pulls your followers and those you follow from Twitter. Once you’ve entered your Twitter username and password and pushed the “Whack!” button you are able to see the relationship between those you follow and those who follow you. A reciprocal relationship is ideal in Twitter. Who wants to tweet when no one is listening? Your Twitter Karma allows you to follow back or to weed out those folks who aren’t listening to your tweets.

2. My Tweeple

My Tweeple works much like Your Twitter Karma. Once you’ve signed in to Twitter your followers and the people you follow are displayed. You can sort according to your preferences. In addition My Tweeple displays the user’s profile and also has a ‘ding’ feature. Dings allow you to weed out unpleasant tweeters such as blatant spammers.

3. Twitterfeed

TwitterFeed automatically feeds your blog to Twitter. Once you have signed in (using Open ID) you are able to enter information about your blog. You have the option to choose to send the title of your post only or a title and description. TwitterFeed automatically posts according to the schedule you’ve chosen. Along with the title and/or description TwitterFeed includes a TinyUrl for your followers to click.

4. TwitterPacks

TwitterPacks is a wiki that helps you see who tweets about what. Log in to TwitterPacks, browse to your favorite subject or location, and join a pack or two.

5. TwitPic

TwitPic makes photo sharing on Twitter possible. The application works from the TwitPic website or a mobile device. Many desktop or web based Twitter clients also have built-in support for TwitPic. But best of all, you can spend many happy hours watching photos pop up on the map on TwitPic’s home page.

6. Qwitter

Qwitter is a handy tool that notifies you when someone stops following you. The email notification includes the last tweet you posted. This supposedly helps you to keep your unpleasant remarks to a minimum.

7. Twistori

Twistori is a social experiment that is difficult to explain. The results are fascinating - really really fascinating.

These Twitter helper applications are not affiliated with Twitter at the present time. As Twitter continues to grow in popularity more features will undoubtedly be added. If you find you enjoy any of the helper applications listed here, don’t forget to tweet about them to let the Twitter administrators know!

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