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Find People Records Using the Internet

August 24th, 2009

people-search-finder.jpgThere are various websites that will let you find records of people who have email addresses just by typing in first and last names. These are known as email search engines. They work in a similar way to regular search engines, but are designed specially for email addresses. Trying to find someone’s email address can be tricky. Many of the addresses they contain are taken from people who have registered with them. Many people don’t want their email addresses to be found in case they are subjected to spam.

When carrying out a search for an email address, you will have more success if you can provide as many sources as possible. These include first names, last names, state, and domain name. The results are simple and usually consist of just email addresses. Sometimes they may give you a rough location or a city of residence.

You can also use people search finders. These usually give more details than the email address locator, including addresses and telephone numbers. For U.S. residents, they can even provide a map of how to get to their address. They might encourage you to send e-cards or presents when you successfully find someone.

All of the major search engines provide a people finder. AltaVista’s is strictly USA only. Lycos has a people finder which allows you to search for U.S. phone numbers and addresses. Excite’s people finder is of little use in searching for non-U.S. residents or people who are not registered with Excite. For U.K. residents, try 192.com, which also has an email address locator. They have information on a huge number of people. Your own data may be there without you even knowing! There is a facility to remove or edit your personal data, provided you know that it is there. Populus lets you search names, email addresses, colleges, and universities, but is particularly inclined towards the United States residents.

Other people record finders, such as The Ultimate People Finder, Find A Friend, or Reverse Phone Detective will require you to pay, but they can often provide much more detailed information than you can get with most of the free tools.

If all else fails, you can just type names into a search engine to see what results you get. Be prepared to spend lots of time sifting through irrelevant results to find what you’re looking for, especially in cases where the target of your search has a particularly common name. In these cases, you may need to enter additional relevant keyword phrases about your target to narrow down the number of returned results you get. Of course, you will need to be aware that what you’re looking for may never turn up. It depends on whether or not there is any web content about the person who is the target of your search.

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  1. comment number 1 by: smriti

    submitting names in search engine really helps….bt yes, u need narrow ur research a bit…i’ve tried tht many times :)

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