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Being Creative at Work: Drawing Techniques

September 16th, 2009

doodle-creative-work-bored.jpgThe creative function is located in the right side of the brain, along with visual perception, while verbal skills are handled in the left brain. So if you use visual rather than verbal techniques they can connect with your creative powers more readily since they are closer together. This is why many people find that doodling and drawing are more creative than verbal techniques.

One of the simplest methods is simply to draw the challenge as you see it. To deal with the oversubscribed holiday period problem, for example, you might decide to draw lots of airplanes all over the page, or a long line of suitcases. Maybe you would draw an empty office building, or a ridiculously crowded palm-fringed beach. We’re all different, and the idea is simply to draw whatever comes into your head. You’re exercising the creative side of your brain to doodle or draw, and you are focusing on the problem or challenge at the same time. The result is very often that you stimulate an idea that leads you to a new and creative solution.

Doodles are more abstract than drawings, and some people find this freeform approach more stimulating. The idea is to concentrate on your challenge while you just doodle at random. When you’ve filled the page, look at what you’ve drawn and you should see shapes or patterns that give you a new perspective on the question.

If you find doodling effective and you want to vary the doodles you do to bring a more creative, unconscious energy to bear, try something like:

  1. finger painting doodles or using an airbrush
  2. doodling with your eyes closed
  3. doodling with the hand you don’t normally use.

Stay Cool

Although these techniques are effective whatever your mood, you will find that the more you can relax the better you free up your unconscious mind to generate creative ideas for you. I know this isn’t a great moment to say this with a crucial decision impending but … try to relax.

Keep Out of the Rut

You should find that these techniques are a big help when it comes to being more creative. However, if you keep using the same techniques over and over, your mind will simply create a new rut to get stuck in. It’s essential to break with habitual patterns by varying the techniques you use.

There are plenty of books on business creativity; if you want to discover more techniques you can easily find them. You’ll also find techniques for being creative in a group — especially valuable if you’re a manager. If you can earn a reputation for leading a creative team, that will give you even more clout when it comes to getting those extra rewards.

This article was supplied by Jamie Cains from DailyArticle.com.

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