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Places of Interest in Poole, England

September 17th, 2009

poole-beaches-uk.jpgAs I was organizing some of my files earlier today, I discovered this article from Eru Chawla that provides some useful travel-related information about the town of Poole in the UK. Since my “places of interest” articles seem to be doing well with the search engine visitors, I might as well post it here while I await additional articles from this author.

Stunning beaches, world-class dining, famous attractions, thrilling water sports, and great shopping destinations this is how you can perfectly summarize a visit to Poole. Situated in southern England in the county of Dorset, this bay is set near the coast and extends from Western Poole Harbour to the Hengistbury Head towards the East.

Sandbank beach is a proud owner of the record number of European flags and is known for its safe swimming, water sports, and sunbathing experience for its visitors. Apart from being a coveted destination for the water sports enthusiasts, Poole Harbor is also a leading destination for the kite surfing competition in UK. Visitors can also enjoy the perfect scenario offered by sheltered water of the Harbor to hone one’s skills in windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, and wakeboarding.

Further, you may turn towards Poole Quay. This is quite popular among the tourist attractions here. Besides, this place is also abode to several works created by the famous Poole pottery artists. You can witness amazing pottery masterpieces at factory side situated here. Another place worth some attention here is the Aquarium complex that serves as a home to marine creatures from all over the world.

Unfold the mysteries from the historic past of the Poole at the Waterfront Museum that contains within itself the facts and secrets from the earlier Roman connections to the various smugglers’ tales of ancient times.

Move a little ahead from the Harbor to reach the Brownsea Island. Take the ferry or the cruise ship from here and sail away to a peaceful land of woods and explore the wildlife that surrounds Poole. You may also cherish strolling amidst the serene and natural environment here.

Any holiday is incomplete without a nice shopping experience and Poole would definitely not disappoint you in this regard. Get the best items at over 100 famous stores located under the roof of the Dolphin Shopping Centre.

Also, you need not necessarily be a garden lover to appreciate the wonderful Poole parks that are a treat to the eyes. Compton Acres Gardens is one of the most beautiful European gardens in Poole that adds to the charm of the place. Walk amidst the tropical or subtropical plants of the parks to experience the real pleasure of parks in Poole.

The next important thing that travelers to Poole must know about is the accommodation options that are available here. With bed & breakfast guest houses, holiday parks, camp sites, and hotels, the array of accommodation options in Poole are innumerable. Not to forget, you may opt for a self-catering apartment, if you wish to have complete freedom and privacy as in your own home.

So, it all depends on your budget and preference as to which accommodation option you wish to stay in. Make sure to book your tickets beforehand in order to avoid any inconvenience.

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