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How to Choose a Laptop Case

September 24th, 2009

buy-laptop-case.jpgAfter you have managed to find the perfect laptop for your needs, you need to consider protecting it from all the physical threats that it faces on day-to-day basis. Since laptops are designed to be portable it only makes sense that a good laptop case is needed to protect your latest computer.

Consider the following things when shopping for a laptop case to keep your computer inside safe and secure.

Overall Size

This is an important consideration. First you need to make sure that your laptop can actually fit inside of its case. Whether you choose a sleeve or a full size case, your laptop case should fit your needs, which brings us to the next thing to consider.

Sleeve or full size

Laptop sleeves are usually made of stretchy material that fits around the laptop like a glove, covering it in a soft foam like fabric. Some sleeves come with an outside pocket or compartment but if you plan on carrying around a spare battery, charger, cables, or other laptop accessories then a full size case is better for you. Sleeves are good for those who want to slide their laptop into a backpack, suitcase, or simply shield it from sun, wind, and dust when carrying it around.


When choosing a laptop case, consider security as well. Some higher end laptop cases feature locking zippers, combination locks, and hidden compartments. Some will question the idea of having a fabric case with a lock, so for ultra security needs consider a more solid case design to protect your laptop.

Also some manufacturers make cases that look nothing like laptop cases, which can come in handy for traveling in areas where a distinct laptop case is like yelling out “mug me” to everyone around you. These discreet covers can look like everything from briefcases and backpacks to purses and shoulder bags.

Protecting against the elements

If you need to travel with your laptop often and find yourself outdoors, you’ll want to consider a covering that is weather resistant. Find one with a material that is waterproof and does not allow water in. Be wary of laptop sleeves that might become wet and transfer moisture to your valuable computer which is not known for mixing well with water.


If you have a stunningly designed laptop, why not have a case that matches the high class style? Laptop case makers have caught onto this trend and make their products in a variety of colors and designs, not to mention high end offerings that are made out of leather and other fashion oriented fabrics.

Consider these things when shopping for a new laptop case to protect your laptop and you’ll be able to combine the protection and functionality you need with the looks and durability you want.

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