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Mexican Copper Sink Information and Tips

October 3rd, 2009

mexican-copper-sink-varieties.jpgOver the past few years it seems that Mexican copper sinks have been gaining in popularity, especially among those who like to remodel their kitchens or bathrooms. They are often favored by people who are looking to increase the resale value of their homes or who simply like a more rural or rustic look to their living spaces. In fact, the phrase “copper farm sink” is one of the most searched-for keywords in this genre.

Unlike the more ubiquitous stainless steel sinks, Mexican copper sinks are usually hand crafted. They are hammered into shape from raw copper sheets by artisans from Mexico in a traditional process that is reminiscent of medieval smithing. Because they are handmade, no two sinks are exactly the same, so if you order one be mindful of the fact that there will be minor differences in size and shape among individual units, although the pictures that you see on most vendors’ websites provide a representative sample of what you can expect them to look like. These hand hammered sinks are more resistant to showing scratches or dents compared to the smooth-surfaced varieties manufactured in most other areas. They are also somewhat more durable, making them ideal for kitchens where people often use the sink to wash and rinse dishes.

Construction and Quality of Mexican Copper Sinks

Regarding construction, one thing to watch out for when buying larger copper sinks with seams is to make sure that they are actually “copper welded.” Otherwise, it possible for the material in the seams to erode over time, causing a leak in your sink. Another potential problem with square or rectangular sinks may occur if the sides are uneven, causing you to have difficulty during installation. If this happens, you can usually send it back to the company you bought it from and have them send you a replacement. For expensive types of Mexican copper sinks, it is a good idea to have a warranty included with your purchase that will provide insurance against this type of defect.

The best quality Mexican copper sinks are actually made of pure natural copper. Occasionally you may find lower quality grades of sinks where the copper has been alloyed with lead in order to reduce the manufacturing costs. However, since lead is often considered an environmental contaminant, these alloyed sinks may not be desirable. Meanwhile, natural copper sinks are also considered to be of higher quality because the copper contains anti-bacterial properties that do not allow germs to survive for very long on the sink’s surface, which is not usually the case with standard stainless steel sinks. This can promote better sanitary conditions in your kitchen or bathroom.

After the hand hammering process is complete, these copper sinks are typically treated with a coating finish called patina, which is usually achieved by a combination of heat and chemical agents. This patina helps to protect the copper from corrosion and gives it a natural “aged” look that many people find more desirable than bright, shiny copper, which can undergo color changes relatively quickly and unevenly if left untreated. In some cases a lacquer finish is also applied, but this is usually reserved for bath sinks with delicate artwork that may be easily damaged without protection.

Another factor to take into account when buying copper sinks is the thickness or gauge of the metal. Most sinks range from 14 gauge up to 20 gauge, with the lower numbers indicating more thickness and better overall quality. The thinnest gauge sinks are less expensive but will dent more easily and may produce an annoying metallic sound when running a faucet. Thicker gauges will usually be more expensive because more copper is used in making them, but the final product will be more durable and better able to resist damage.

Types of Sinks

Mexican copper kitchen sinks generally come in two types: undermount or farmhouse style. The undermount type, as the name implies, is installed from under the counter top and forms a smooth juncture between the cabinet and sink that does not have a rim. The farmhouse or “apron front” style is usually a larger and deeper sink set into the counter top with the finished front edge slightly exposed, making it easy to reach over and access the basin. Meanwhile, bath sinks may be mounted from under the counter, dropped in from the top (forming a lip around the circumference of the opening), or may be free standing on top of the counter. This third type is known as a vessel sink and often includes various kinds of artwork or decoration around the outside surfaces.

Where to Buy Mexican Copper Sinks

Major home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowe’s will usually carry a few varieties of copper sinks, although they can also be purchased online. If you’re buying one from a retail store you can ask the appropriate employees about quality, warranties, and any installation issues you may have. In most cases, you will be able to handle the installation yourself unless you really want to save time or have some type of physical disability. If you are looking for your copper sink online, you will be able to do lots of research on them and find out the details of exactly what you’re getting into by reading relevant articles like this one. Once you have the knowledge of what kind of sink you want to buy, you can make your desired purchase through reputable sites like Amazon.com or directly from trustworthy manufacturers.

On the other hand, if you are buying a copper sink through the infamous Ebay auction site, it is advisable to check the ratings and feedback on the sellers before committing to the release of your funds. Beware of listings for sinks with unusually low prices; these may be of inferior quality or you may wind up with a product that is different from what was initially represented. Whenever possible, look for a warranty and make sure that the company has a clear return policy in case there are defects or you receive the wrong model of Mexican copper sink.

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