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Cheap Window Blinds Available at Amazon, Other Venues

October 11th, 2009

cheap-window-blinds.jpgYesterday while doing research at the almighty Google, I discovered the potentially lucrative niche topic of cheap window blinds. Surprisingly, advertisers are paying up to $14 per click for topics like “hunter douglas wood blind” in an attempt to entice people to buy various types of shades and window coverings. In some cases these amounts are actually more than the cost of the blinds themselves! For example, when I woke up this morning and ran a quick search on Amazon, I found these Redi window shades on sale for only $9.44. Apparently they are the cordless kind where you can use the “peel and stick method” without the need for brackets, nails, or screws. The dimensions are 36 by 72 inches, although they are designed so that you can easily trim the material to fit the width of your window.

Other places to look for relatively inexpensive discount window blinds include:

  1. The infamous Ebay marketplace: there is usually plenty of variety here but be sure to check ratings, feedback, and the overall credibility of the seller to reduce the risk of being scammed. Browsing other auction sites besides Ebay may also reveal interesting bargains.
  2. Local discount retailers such as Big Lots or other “dollar store” outlets may have blinds that have been discontinued or are currently overstocked, allowing you to purchase the same level of quality found in reputable manufacturers for a lower than average price.
  3. Newspaper and other classified ads: many retail stores that are going out of business due to the recession or other factors may be looking to sell off leftover inventory through the classified adverts in your local newspaper or through similar venues online. They will often offer deep discounts on window blinds and other items.
  4. If you live in a city with ethnic markets, you can sometimes find good deals on different types of blinds. For example, a local Chinatown merchant might sell rice paper blinds for a much cheaper price than you would find at a specialty boutique.

When buying less expensive blinds or shades, you need to be careful about quality. If you wind up with blinds made of inferior materials that break apart easily from the normal actions of raising, lowering, opening, and closing, you may actually pay more over the long run because of replacement costs. Whenever possible, be sure to read reviews from previous buyers so that you can make an informed decision.

Another factor to consider is the type or style of your blinds. These are some of the different kinds:

  1. Roller shades: These are often the least expensive option and are easy to install. Some models may have room darkening features.
  2. Mini blinds: The name derives from the fact that their slats are smaller than most other types. The slats are connected by a ladder cord and can be opened or closed with either a drive rod or tilt wand, depending on the design. Many are made of aluminum; this usually works well but this lightweight metal is susceptible to bending or breaking.
  3. Wood blinds typically use wider slats and are more durable, but also more expensive. There are also faux wood blinds that are less expensive but slightly heavier.
  4. Honeycomb or cellular shades are some of the best window coverings in terms of insulation and energy saving. They also tend to block light better and provide more privacy, but not everyone likes their appearance.
  5. Vertical blinds have vanes that hang vertically from a headrail. Most are either made of light-emitting fabric or PVC used as faux wood to block the light. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles and are very useful for covering large openings; however, they also tend to be rather noisy and cumbersome.

As with most other products, when looking for cheap window blinds you will probably need to make a tradeoff between price and quality depending on your needs. Which type of material and style you choose will depend on your personal tastes as well as your budget.

3 Responses to “Cheap Window Blinds Available at Amazon, Other Venues”

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