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Silver Strike Coins Can Be Purchased Online

October 21st, 2009

seven-dollar-edgewater-coin.jpgSilver strike coins are made from .999 fine silver and can be purchased from a number of online vendors or occasionally through individual collectors. Most of these shops offer a pretty large variety of silver coins and tokens which are dated from the 1800s to the current date and are available in the form of silver rounds, casino tokens, and silver art souvenirs. Sometimes you will even find gold coins or occasionally silver ones with a touch of brass border. They have denominations ranging from $3 to $10, although $7 tends to be the most common one used.

A number of online eBay shops are known to sell $7 silver strikes since 2002 and most of them have managed to receive zero negative feedback from their potential customers in terms of quality and value. Most customers tend to leave their feedback very soon after receiving the coins. As a general rule, the online merchants treat their customers with respect and ensure that they are duly satisfied with their purchases in terms of quality and value.

Most of the online eBay shopping venues that deal in $7 silver strike coins also offer to their customers a worldwide free shipment service. Usually these shipments are done on the same day or the next business day. The coins are typically shipped on the receipt of payment from their customers. They also have a 24/7 customer support service so that any queries from potential customers may be replied to immediately by email. Most of the shopping sites will also update the value and weight of the silver strikes so that their customers know their current value.

At the time of purchasing the coins, the customer has to keep in mind that they are in fact bidding on .999 fine silver gaming tokens. These are also considered collectible art souvenirs in the form of silver and brass from a number of casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada and other parts of the country. One also has to keep in mind that they often come in the form of capsules which have an accurate weight and value in the international market and the casino world.

Most silver strike coins received by the customers are sealed but a few may also be chipped or scuffed due to shipment damage. In these cases, they can always be returned to the eBay merchant for a replacement if the customer is not satisfied. A number of people around the world also like to collect these silver strikes as they certainly have value as a casino collectible items along with their inherent silver value. They are usually considered as a good investment in silver by a number of collectors worldwide. Most of the collectors and experts around the world also feel that the value of the collection may continue to rise, especially with the recent increase in the silver prices on the international market.

So, if you are interested in collecting these silver strike coins then you can always approach one of the online shops and easily purchase them with cash or PayPal.

This article was sent to us by Arijit Roul from the DigitalPoint forums.

One Response to “Silver Strike Coins Can Be Purchased Online”

  1. comment number 1 by: Mike Dale

    I have a friend who has some silver tokens from Sierra Sid’s Casino some years back. They r the Nevada Series,$10, Immigrant Trail, with a Buffalo on one side n a Tractor Trailer on the other side. Any info. n pricing would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Sincerely, Mike Dale

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