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Air Force One Shoes Review

October 22nd, 2009

air-force-one-nike-shoes.jpgAlthough the phrase “Air Force One” is usually associated with the president of the USA, it also happens to be a very popular brand of shoe manufactured by Nike. While the quality of this article by Arijit Roul still leaves much to be desired even after heavy editing, the actual product should prove to be much more agreeable. If you are looking to buy some new Air Force One shoes or want to read some other reviews of them, these are available here from Amazon.com. The page that I have linked to is for the classic white men’s variety; however, after clicking through you can find many more colors and styles (including women’s models) from the same retailer.

One cannot complete the talk about sneakers until you have mentioned Air Force One shoes. They are considered as one of the most preferred choices amongst the everyday shoe collectors from the last couple of years. For a long time they have been considered as one of the biggest, best, and most wanted shoes in the market. With each of the passing years these shoes have been redesigned and improved and they seem to be getting better with time with almost no signs of their popularity waning.

One of the most important characteristics that make these shoes very popular amongst most of the shoe lovers is their versatility and vast array of options which certainly does differ from most of the other shoes in design and strength. The brand is also known to have been promoted by a number of well-known celebrities who rely on these shoes for every walk of their life. Many celebrities are also known to have become the connoisseurs of this brand, while some superstar athletes are known to have a collection of hundreds of these Air Force One shoes in their wardrobe.

The new Air Force One shoes are multi-purpose footwear, and can be worn while playing basketball, soccer, other running sports, or even as casual wear with a pair of denim jeans. There is no one standard purpose for wearing these shoes and they are very popular amongst most of the scholars in colleges and schools. The best part is that there are a number of designs and colors that can easily match the combination for taste and interest of any individual.

Most of the people prefer these shoes in white, which is considered a classic color, but one certainly does not have any limitation with color or design. Many shoe collectors also go for buying colors that match with their clothes or even hat so that it can easily coordinate the outfit. So there certainly is good proof of how many colors or designs one can actually purchase.

There are infinite options for one to choose from when we speak of the design, but there are also a few defining characteristics when it comes to identifying a good Air Force One shoe by its brand. For example, a number of these shoes are equipped with Velcro that can be easily attached to both mid top and high top. One can also buy shoes that have a side attached Velcro depending upon the style and taste that suits the individual.

Some of these shoes also have a medallion that is attached to the laces and is placed at the bottom with an inscription of AF-1 and 82 where 82 simply marks the first year the shoe was commemorated. If you manage to get one that does not have this medallion or the Velcro then one can always be sure that it is not a real Air Force One.

So, if you are in fact looking to buy some new Air Force One shoes then just try to hop into one of the showrooms and find a pair for yourself.

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