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Why Are Swiss Army Quartz Watches So Popular?

October 27th, 2009

swiss-quartz-watches.jpgOne can definitely find a number of popular brands of Swiss army quartz watch models. In fact it would probably take several days if one had to list all of the different varieties and styles available. Fortunately, there are a few watches that are not only popular but also represent affordable price ranges. Most watches of this genre have a sleek metallic design and look very classy so it is generally hard to find ones that are of superior quality. Most of them feature a simple stainless steel case and have a band that is folded over the deployment clasp.

Swiss army quartz watches often have a display that is electronic and digital giving it a great durability and practicality in managing time. A number of them present in the market feature a tungsten carbide case that is usually expensive because it gives these watches extreme durability as it is definitely considered one of the hardest metals available. Most of them are also crafted with high-tech lasers and diamonds so they are usually scratch proof and tamper resistant.

If anyone is looking for a reliable timepiece that is durable and resistant then the Swiss army quartz watch is certainly one of the choices for them. There are a number of features that make them superior to most other digital watches on the market. Quartz produces something called a ‘piezoelectric effect’, which is actually the generation of voltage under mechnical stress. This mechanical action is produced with a very precise frequency that allows for reliable timekeeping. Most quartz watches of this caliber are capable of being accurate within 10 seconds per year of the actual time.

The technology for these watches first appeared in the year 1927 when Warren Marrison and J.W. Horton created the quartz clock, making it one of the most advanced technologies of the era. Meanwhile, Jacques and Pierre Curie were credited with discovering the piezoelectric properties of quartz, which led to experiments with its use in various instruments for keeping time. Also contributing to modern quartz technology is the development of the first crystal oscillator by Walter Cady. Although the new technology was mostly used in clocks during the earlier years, the first quartz watch was finally introduced by Seiko in 1969.

Since then the Swiss, who have long been known for their expertise in making watches, have improved on the application of quartz technology even further. Today there are even light and motion powered watches. In light or solar powered watches, energy from the sun is converted into electricity, which provides the device’s power source. In the motion-powered models, kinetic energy is used for the conversion to electrical power.

Since the very beginning quartz watches are known to have a great number of successes to their advantage. There are many people today in the world that just want to own a quartz watch and won’t ever think of settling for anything else. With a large number of varieties available, it should not be too difficult to find a good quality watch that fits with your particular needs.

This article on Swiss army quartz watches was sent to us by Arijit Roul from the DigitalPoint forums and has been significantly modified to correct for annoying grammatical issues, poor writing style, redundant verbiage, and over-optimization of keywords.

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