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New Identity Theft Protection Plan Introduced

October 29th, 2009

Click Here to Protect your Identity with TrustedIDToday a company called TrustedID has unveiled a new identity theft protection plan. It uses an interesting metric called an “identity threat score” to measure a particular person’s vulnerability to identity theft. Although this is not the same thing as your credit score, it can indirectly help you in this area by alerting you to the possibility that stolen credit card or other financial information may be negatively affecting your status. Details about the new TrustedID plan can be found below in the company’s latest letter to affiliates.

As you know, we at TrustedID pride ourselves in staying up to date with the latest security threats and protecting our customers before identity theft can happen to them. We are constantly innovating our products and services to offer the most comprehensive protection for the best value. This has led to the development of a new identity theft protection plan.

We are pleased to announce that as of today, our latest offering in the fight against identity theft is available to consumers — the Identity Threat Scoreā„¢. The Identity Threat Score will provide a gauge of an individual’s risk of identity theft by assessing millions of records on hundreds of public and private databases. This information is then analyzed for patterns that could indicate if the customer has been or is about to become a victim of identity theft. Based on their score, TrustedID’s Protection Specialists will provide assistance in ensuring that necessary steps are taken to proactively protect their identity. The Identity Threat Score will be offered to new TrustedID customers as an added layer of protection to the 15 points of protection we currently offer at no extra charge.

As a TrustedID affiliate you will have the opportunity to promote this new feature to your customers which is not offered by any other identity theft protection provider. This unique feature not only sets TrustedID apart, but it will also further prove that you are committed to offering the most comprehensive protection possible to your customers. Updated creative is provided below to assist in promoting this exciting new feature.

In order to better understand the Identity Threat Score, here is some additional background that you may begin to use immediately to build content for your site and marketing efforts:

  1. The Identity Threat Score is a measure of your personal risk of identity theft. Your score can range from 0 - 500 and it provides an easy-to-understand way to gauge your risk and take the necessary steps to protect your identity. A lower score means that you are at a lower risk of identity theft, and conversely a higher score indicates that you are at a higher level of risk for identity theft.
  2. TrustedID searches through millions of records on hundreds of public and private databases to locate information related to your identity. Our system uses advanced technology to analyze this information for patterns that could indicate you have been or are about to be a victim of identity theft.
  3. Since your financial and personal information is constantly updated within these databases we will automatically re-calculate your score, so it is important to log into your account regularly to check for these updates. If you receive an alert that you have a medium or high score we recommend that you contact our Protection Specialists for steps to help improve your score. Once you have taken these actions you will be able to update your Identity Threat Score.
  4. The Identity Threat Score is not a credit score, and neither score directly affects the other. While lenders do not look at a Threat Score during their credit evaluation, it is still important to check it periodically in order to keep yourself safe, since a stolen identity can lead to misuse of your personal information that can affect your credit score.

It is our goal to have all our affiliates update their marketing pieces to reflect this exciting new identity theft protection plan as soon as possible. We look forward to rolling out this new product and would like to thank you in advance for helping us to market this valuable new product to your customers.

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