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High Yield Toner Cartridge

November 1st, 2009

high-yield-printer-cartridge.jpgOne of the foremost reasons that people might prefer to buy a high yield toner cartridge is the price. It is usually cheaper than most of the other toner cartridges available on the market. You would find that cartridges such as the Brother TN360 Black work with high speed printers and their capacity is generally much larger than others with the same price tag.

Price is not the only attractive factor, however. The consistent performance of the cartridges and the ink quality combine to provide you prints of the highest quality. The prints, whether they are for text or graphics, have very distinct outlines, and they don’t require you to look hard to find the embedded characters.

To spice it up, they come in different colors. For example, you could choose to buy a black high yield toner cartridge or a cyan one to help with your colored prints.

There are many firms such as Lexmark who manufacture toner cartridges with their own brand name. Each of these firms have developed some specialty in their items.

These kinds of high yield toner cartridges could be used by both small businesses and large corporate houses. The printing provided by these cartridges is brittle and defined.

If you want to choose a perfect solution for your printing needs, always go for high yield toner cartridges. They will give you a better return for your money.

What Is A High Yield Toner?

The printing needs of each business house could be different from the rest. Some prefer the use of cheap printing solutions, while others choose to buy a more pricey one. High yield toner offers you a pretty compact printing solution with a decent performance.

Although the prices on some of these cartridges are higher than we would like, high yield toners are considered efficient because they are easy to install without any hassles. You would find the whole process of unloading the cartridges and loading them very easy.

The flow of ink within the cartridge is smooth, but you need to be careful and refill them after the level of ink falls to less than 20%. There are many high yield toners that are available under various brands.

Some of these have been performing well for quite a while. For example, the Dell 1815DN has a maximum yield of 5,000 pages. This can give you a very effective price deal because it means that you will get a lower cost per page in comparison to a 3,000 page cartridge.

On the whole, high yield toner produces impeccable print quality with sharp impressions. It also has a high resolution output even for images.

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This article on high yield toner cartridges was sent to us by “simplyjo” from the DigitalPoint forums and has been modified to correct for various grammatical and other readability issues.

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