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Forum Signature Link Building

November 7th, 2009

signature-link-building.jpgOne of the most common methods of building backlinks is to use forum signatures. This is considered by many to be a weak method of building backlinks, and in the opinion of this author not the best, but it can still be useful when done correctly. The art of signature backlink building is actually simple and easy to follow and you’ll find that it can produce great results when done properly. This article attempts to explain that process and goes into details on how to do this for both SEO benefits and relevant traffic.

The Basics of Signature Links

Posting forum signatures is a pretty straightforward process. They are the images, links, or text provided at the end of every post you make on a forum. The trick is to find forums that allow links in this section, particularly ones where you can choose the anchor text. Make sure to follow all rules on the forum regarding links in your signature. Make note of how many characters and links can be added, what is acceptable, and what is considered spam. You’ll have the best results when you follow the rules.

Find the “Right” Forums

This is the catch; you need to find the right forums to start building signature links with. You don’t want to use just any forum, and this seems to be the mistake that many webmasters make. Try to find forums that are directly related to your website and its content. Not only does this allow the relevancy factor to kick in, but it will also bring targeted traffic since other forum members might be interested in checking it out. It’s a good idea to make sure the forum is directly relevant to your website and remember to make sure the forum allows related websites to be placed in the signature.

Forming the Right Signature

Although most people simply place their links, a better idea is to provide a short two to three sentence signature and inject the links inside of the content. Make sure to use the particular keyword phrase that you’re trying to rank for and set this as the anchor text. Not only does this help with relevancy, it also gives members viewing the signature a better idea of what the links are about, which helps to generate more interest and can build more traffic to your site when these visitors click through. Don’t be afraid to play around with color combinations and text effects to draw attention — just remember to follow all forum rules to prevent removal of your signature or being banned from the forum.

Properly Adding Multiple Links

As explained in the previous paragraph you want to add your links inside of your signature’s content. However, if you’re doing multiple links you’ll want to link to more than just your home page. Link to your inner pages as well — this helps promote natural linking, prevents the rather unbalanced situation of having backlinks only going to your home page, and will give more pages from your site a chance to be indexed quickly and increase their rankings. Also, multiple links to one web page from the same page dilute the quality if using different keywords. So, instead of linking to your home page twice, link to your home page and one inner page. Most SEO professionals agree that you should be building backlinks to a variety of your inner pages anyway, as this will help you to rank for more keywords and gradually increase the overall amount of traffic to your site.

This article on the art of signature link building was sent to us by Heather Jajkowski, who goes by the name of “Feather” on the DigitalPoint forums.

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