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Feng Shui Form and Compass School

November 16th, 2009

feng-shui-form-compass.jpgThe ideas inherent in feng shui emerged from the needs of humans to codify information about the world surrounding them. Different schools of feng shui developed and relied on different tools for interpreting the notion that person and place were connected in profound ways.

The traditional form school is one which bases its findings on interpreting the shapes of objects in the physical world. The other is the compass school, which analyzes spaces based on a magnetic needle centered within circles representing up to thirty-six different categories.

The Form School

Most of our conscious intake in life comes from observing. We use our eyes more than any of our other senses to discern the world around us. The form school of feng shui uses the visual sense to detect shapes, colors, and textures and then interprets their meaning for the human condition.

The form school looks at certain aspects of the world and finds either positive or negative interpretations in them for those who live by viewing these forms. A mountain, for example, can be either menacing or protective, depending on its visual interpretation. According to the form school, a mountain whose linear topography appears dragonlike is positive, because the ancient Chinese believed dragons augured good fortune.

The Compass School

The compass school of feng shui is not in great use today. It selects the best living spaces based on calculations from a magnetic needle that revolves around a disk. The disk differs from a traditional compass in that it has up to thirty-six concentric circles depicting different aspects of information that are dependent on this fixed reading.

In the contemporary world a compass reading is more often than not inaccurate because our buildings are filled with metals that distort the readings. Whether the objects are visible such as appliances, furniture, or picture frames or hidden like our wiring, building studs, or nails, our homes are crammed with metal. As a consequence we are unlikely to capture a true compass reading.

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