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Condenser Tumble Dryer Benefits and Tips

November 19th, 2009

condenser-tumble-dryer.jpgA condenser tumble dryer is believed to collect moisture that is formed during the cycle inside the container, where it can be emptied easily. The appliance can be placed almost anywhere in your home becuase it occupies less space than other types of dryers. You can select from some of the best products that have special features and are eco-friendly.

Some people consider machine drying to be bad for our environment, and it can also cost you extra money. A condenser tumble dryer generally needs more upkeep as compared to its vented counterpart so you can ensure that they run safely and efficiently. So in case you want your appliance to be healthy then you can follow certain tips which may provide a longer lifespan your appliance.

You always have to ensure that you select the right appliance that has a built in automatic shut off program so you are sure that it shuts itself off after the clothes are dry. Most tumble dryers present in the current market have a weight equal to the amount of clothes capacity and are provided with three different types of settings: iron dry, cupboard dry, and dry to wear. All three types are self explanatory so it is not difficult to select the right setting when drying your clothes.

Iron dry clothes are the ones that you wish to iron after the cycle has been completed. This is an important feature as it helps in getting rid of excess amounts of creases that are present in your clothes. The machine also retains a small amount of moisture in the clothes after the cycle has been completed. So once you have finished with ironing the clothes the moisture helps in getting rid of excess creases, thus finishing the process of drying. So you certainly might not have to make use of wet spray and steam to get rid of creases.

Cupboard dry is an important feature that is mostly used to bone dry clothes that you need to pack and place away in the drawer or the storage cabinets. Dry-to-wear feature is generally used to cool the clothes after the drying cycle is completed. This feature is generally used for fresh dryer jeans that you have to wear for your college, especially when you are getting late for your class. This feature is one that is generally preferred by most people who like washing clothes for instant wear.

Typically the life expectancy of your condenser tumble dryer is around three years, so in case your machine is nearing this age then it is just the right time for you to invest in a new machine. This is important so you get better results; also, new machines are guaranteed to be more energy efficient compared to older versions. In the last decades, some of the best technologies have been used in manufacturing more energy efficient tumble dryers. So if you want your machine to be more energy efficient, it is important that you regularly clean and maintain the best condition of your machine.

If your dryer is blocked with fluff and lint, this will affect the air flow thus enabling your machine to use more power to gain the desired temperature. You always have to ensure that you regularly clean the lint trap filter by using a duster so the cavities can be cleaned easily. It is advisable to clean the trapped lint after every load. You can also make use of a liquid detergent to clean it at least once a week. It is important to maintain a perfect clean tumble dryer if you wish to save money on power consumption.

This article was sent to us by Lalit Earns, a promising new Indian author from the DigitalPoint forums.

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