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Do I Really Need to Clean My Registry?

November 24th, 2009

how-to-clean-registry.jpgThere are several operating systems that one can choose from in this day and age. Each one has its own unique and troublesome items that you will have to deal with. When it comes to the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems, one of these things that you will have to deal with is the Windows Registry. Although most users are unaware of how it works, this part of your computer has a great deal of importance on how your operating system will run. It can determine the speed and the efficiency of how your computer operates. In the following paragraphs we will explain exactly what the registry is and how you can clean it up.

The first thing that you might be wondering is “what in the world does the registry do anyway”? It is crazy that one section of your operating system can have so much power but it is with good reason. The registry has all of the information when it comes to the settings on your computer. This includes the hardware settings, the software settings, the operating system settings, and a whole lot more. Microsoft is trying to move away from having such a huge reliance on the registry but that is still a goal that will take a while to achieve. For right now we still have to deal with the registry and all of the things that it entails. Remember that it was introduced for a reason, to solve an earlier problem, but these days the solution has become a problem within itself. If it wasn’t there would be no reason to have to “clean” it.

Cleaning a registry consists of getting rid of invalid or outdated data that may still reside there. Some people are skilled enough to do this by hand. They are able to type RegEdit into the command line and go through it manually, picking out corrupted data. This is not the way that I recommend most people to go about cleaning their registry. The registry holds critical information about the set up of your computer and if you erase the wrong thing, it will cause your computer to crash. It might be so bad that you might have to reinstall the operating system itself. This is why I suggest one of the software packages that are available out there. RegCure is one that seems to work pretty well and they even offer a free scan.

There are many software packages to choose from so you will have to read up on them and see which one you like the best. A great place to start looking would be to go to CNET.com in their download section. They have a great review section. That should help guide your decision on which software package you would like. Once the registry is cleaned you should see a significant increase in your computer’s performance.

The initial question is whether you really needed to clean your registry. The answer is yes. The registry can truly affect the performance of your system and should be taken seriously.

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One Response to “Do I Really Need to Clean My Registry?”

  1. comment number 1 by: Henne

    Wow, I didn’t now anything at all about the registry system! But obviously it’s important. I’ll ask one of my computer nerd friends to help me clean the registry, then maybe my computer won’t be so slow… Thank you!

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