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The Profit Potential of Building Websites

December 9th, 2009

building-websites-profit.jpgBuilding and designing a website has recently become something that anyone can learn to do, either by taking a specialized course or by teaching yourself using online tutorials and the numerous software packages that are available.

If you are considering learning or have already learned and now just need to apply your skills, you will know from your Web surfing experience that the look and feel of a website has a great effect on how long you visit that site and whether you will be tempted to come back or even buy something.

When thinking about the design of a website it is important to make it stand out. Many people may be tempted to use a flashy template that they personally like. There’s a very good chance that the template you like has been used before — not just once, but perhaps thousands of times! To make your website a success you should aim to stand out and be unique. Some people may confuse the phrase ’standing out’ with being ‘bizarre’ or ‘quirky’, but this approach may well turn people away rather than keep them interested.

Like any other front for a business, a website needs to be designed for its visitors or customers – not the owner. A template you find attractive may not always be suitable for your target segment. Knowing your customers’ tastes is important. If you are not sure, ASK them!

Designing a website for another person or company can be a lot harder as you have to take both their tastes and their target tastes into account. You will need them to understand that in order for the site to be a success, it needs to be unique and well thought out.

Choosing the right color scheme or background image for the age of your visitors and the type of site is an important step in getting the feel of the site right. You will notice that many online game sites will have a dark background and possibly a Gothic feel to them, as these sites are designed to appeal to the people who play the games the most, who are often assumed to be teenagers or young adults. Meanwhile, sites designed for young children will have larger playful fonts without too much writing mixed with bright, primary colors.

The amount and the level of sophistication of interactive parts of sites should also vary depending on the target audience. It is important for sites to be easy to use and straightforward. Good navigation and simple-to-use tools will make people feel more at ease when they visit.

Few web designers these days have not heard of SEO or search engine optimization. SEO is an important part of web design and marketing. A great site with no traffic is a waste of time and effort — again, it’s important to think about your customers and how to promote your site in order to get the highest amount of traffic.

Web design has become a viable profession unto itself and can earn you very good money, but to guarantee yourself a prosperous future it’s important to get successful websites up and running that appeal to the user. After learning how to master the technology, you should concentrate your efforts on getting the sites you create to be a success.

This article about working from home on the Internet was supplied to us by “Nonpareil”, a promising new author found on the DigitalPoint forums.

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