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The Basics of Social Bookmarking

December 13th, 2009

social-bookmarking-logo.jpgSocial bookmarking allows you to share your favorite websites and articles with other Internet users. With this method, you bookmark the links and then you share them with others through the social networks. Each site or network has a different pattern of sharing. Some of them allow sharing between friends or people within the network only, while others allow you to share your bookmarks with everyone who is online. Yet there are many other patterns and attributes that distinguish the social bookmarking networks.

The social bookmarking networks are a benefit to Internet marketers as well. People who share their websites through these venues have a chance to develop relationships with other people. This enables them to collect useful data and then market their products to the people directly.

Over the past few years, social bookmarking has become a very useful and common method for site owners to promote their content. There are various Web companies which offer these services and they have their own specialties. These networks have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are an online marketer, then you should look closely at these various attributes. This will help you to select the best services.

The social bookmarking networks are set up to allow the users to find the very best websites. In theory, this makes it relatively easy for the people to find top quality articles or other content. People visit various websites and then they bookmark the ones that they like the most. This helps the social bookmarking network to develop a database of links to other sites and content that has been vetted by the community and pre-filtered to keep out obvious spam and garbage.

In some ways, social bookmarking is better than the search engines when it comes to finding good websites. These services collect data containing only high quality websites which are archived and can be accessed later. If you search a tag, you will get all the websites which are tagged for that particular keyword. In search engines, you will get the result which will contain all the possible matches according to the algorithm. This is not the case with social networks. You will only be shown the data which contains the websites that are liked by the people and have high quality content.

Online marketers can easily use social bookmarking as a tool to increase the popularity of their websites. They can use the network that they have developed and can actually market directly to the people who share similar interests with them. They can submit their own sites as bookmarks, which will enable them to gain more popularity. People who happen to like these same sites will also bookmark them, which means that if the original submissions are done with well-timed, good quality content, this can result in a tremendous increase in the popularity of the marketer’s website.

Social bookmarking can also be just as useful for ordinary people as it is for the Internet marketers. As long as the network is competently managed, everyone can get something useful from it. The people who are not marketers have the advantage of accessing the bookmarks from anywhere. They can also use the social bookmarking services to find exceptional websites that they may not have otherwise found through their normal routines of surfing and searching.

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