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Repetitive Social Bookmarking Articles

December 14th, 2009

social-bookmaring-icons.jpgAs a follow-up to yesterday’s article on the basics of social bookmarking, I might as well publish the other four articles that I had purchased for this series before moving on to a different topic. Normally I would publish each one as a separate page, but because this particular author who goes by the name of “pritesh” at the DigitalPoint forums has managed to use so much repetition in the classic “article mill” style, all of them are pretty much saying the same thing. This is yet another way that low quality article sellers will try to rip us off; although I thought I was paying for five unique articles on the general topic of social bookmarking, what I received was essentially one article in terms of actual content.

I published the first article yesterday after spending a significant amount of time rewriting it to remove the annoyingly repetitive phrases and grammatical mistakes. For this post I will leave the remaining four articles unedited as an example for unsuspecting webmasters who may be tempted to purchase content from this author in the future. It may not be pretty, but at least now you will know what you’re getting!

Social bookmarking for the web masters:

The web masters are always looking for the means to get more and more traffic. This becomes difficult at times. It is due to the competition that is around. Almost everyone has a website and he is trying hard to get the traffic. This means that you will have to be good to get the traffic. The people are also making the most of the social services whether they are just networks like facebook and twitter or they bookmaking services which have the social element to them. This gives the opportunity to the webmasters to market their website for free. They are able to reach the millions of users of these networks for free.

If you can get a good presence on the social bookmarking networks, you can generate a lot of traffic. It is relatively easy to get some traffic but becomes hard with the time to increase that traffic. When you enter the competition, you will have to do special things to beat the seasoned webmasters who are experts at getting the traffic from the social bookmarking services. You will have to work hard and will have to show a lot of dedication and commitment.

You should make sure that you are regularly bookmarking your website. If you do not do this, you will not get a lot of traffic as your bookmark will start loosing its popularity. You will have to continue bookmarking. You can do this in various ways. One easy method is to bookmark every new item of content that is added on the website. You can add many bookmarks every week this way. The number of bookmarks added daily depends on the frequency of updates that you make on your website. You should also bookmark every page of your website separately. It will also enable you to increase the number of bookmarks all leading o your website.

You should also pay special attention to the content of your website. If you are making various updates every week but you are not adding quality content to the website, then you will loose your popularity and your links will also loose popularity. In order to get the bookmarks more popular and get more traffic, you will have to make interesting additions to your website.

Also make sure that you are attaching proper tags to the bookmarks. Wrong tags will put the website in the wrong category which will mean that the website is not visible to the desired audience. It can work against you and all your efforts can go to waste. You should take care of these small things and then you will see that it is not difficult to compete even with the veterans. You will also be getting huge traffic to your website.

Social bookmarking: A guide to better bookmarking for every one

The social bookmaking has a varied difficulty when it comes to the best use of the service. The people use it for various purposes and everyone faces different problems while trying to get the most out of social bookmarking. The online marketers are the ones who face most of the problems.

The social bookmarking will become relatively easily when you have developed a good presence on the internet and the social network. The presence means a lot of activity. For this you will have to remain active and will have to use the service every day. Developing presence is difficult and it takes time. You will need to be patient and will have to contribute positively to the bookmarking services. The people will regard your contribution and will take you seriously. The people will start looking for your page and will always follow you. This means that the people will be following your activity and this will give you a great chance to talk about your products by bookmarking your websites. The people will also bookmark your bookmarks meaning an increase in the number of visitors.

Social bookmarking has a great competition. Everyone wants to make the most of such a huge audience which is full of buyers. So if you really want to lead the niche, you will have to work hard. Along with hard work, you will have to be clever. You will have know the inside secrets and will have to understand the working of the social networks. You will also have to know the habits and the liking of the users. This will give you an idea about the kind of strategy that you will need in order to get the right kind of popularity on the internet.

Social bookmarking services are free to use for the life time. This means that you do not need to pay anything to them. You will just have to provide some information to the services and then you will be able to start using it using your username. The username is important and you should select it carefully. It will influence your campaign.

When it comes to bookmarking, you will have to make sure that you are putting the right tags to the websites. The websites which are not correctly tagged will not be stored at the right location and in the right directory. This means that you will be unable to find them later on. This will also mean that the others interested in your tags will fail to find the right websites resulting in lower popularity.

A good network in the social bookmaking service will enable you to develop the brand strength and you will gain instant popularity. You should get connected to the people who share similar interests with you.

Social bookmarking: is it a good tool for online marketers?

Social bookmarking is liked by the online marketers. They enjoy the number of users and the freedom to market their products directly to them. The social bookmarking network enables the marketers to communicate directly with the people. This means that you can get in touch with the like minded people and then you can share your favorite websites with them. Sharing will allow you to get your website to many people.

The social bookmarks are shared by the people and they are kept on the same server. This allows the people to see the bookmarks of each other. This mutual sharing gives a great opportunity to the online marketers. The social bookmarking service considers the contribution of the users very important. The reason for this is that the social bookmarking depends on the websites bookmarked by the people to operate. They will allow the people to see the bookmarks of the other people so that they can also find the websites which are liked by the people.

Social bookmarking has many benefits when it comes to the online marketing. Though there are countless benefits but the major benefits are the following.

  1. The greatest benefit that the online marketers can get from the social bookmarking services is the submission of their website to the directory of the social bookmarking networks. This means that their website can now be seen by thousands of people. It can also be searched when a relevant search is made using the social bookmarking network’s search engine. This way they will get more popularity because the people who would like their website will bookmark it and the website will become more popular.
  2. Another great benefit that the social bookmarking networks have to offer is the increase in popularity of the website. The social bookmarking services are used by millions of people and if the website has quality content, it will become popular instantly. The people will keep bookmarking and the people in their network will keep visiting the website. But remember that this needs good network and interesting content. If the people in your network do not share the interests, they will not even consider your website. And if the website has poor or uninteresting content on it, then the people will not include the website in their bookmarks.

Remember that tagging is important particularly if you are an online marketer. You will have to bookmark it with proper tags so that the people interested can find the website quickly. It will also help you to manage the bookmarks more efficiently. If you have not bookmarked the websites with proper tags, then you will find it hard to locate the websites after some time.

Social bookmarking: the good and the bad

The social bookmarking services have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. The people have started to use the social bookmarking service and they have started storing all their bookmarks on the social bookmarking service’s network.

The social bookmarking services have different reasons to get the popularity. There are various things which have made it more and more popular over the years. Social bookmarking services make it possible to access the bookmarks from any location. All you will have to do is to login to the social bookmarking network and then you can access your bookmarks.

The social bookmarking gives you all the basic things. You are able to store your bookmarks online and you are able to access them as well. You can also share them with the other people. You can also search your bookmarks with the others. In fact, sharing is the greatest advantage that the social bookmarking services have to offer. You can find great websites this way. Every one on the network shares the bookmarks which are tagged accordingly. This helps you to search the websites which are bookmarked by the people. The people will almost, always bookmark quality websites only. This means that you will be getting quality results from social bookmark search.

The social bookmarking service is also a great tool for the online marketers. They use the social bookmarking services to reach the like minded people. They are then in a position to market their products to these people. It means that they can find the targeted buyers easily using the social networking services. This helps the online marketers to make the most of their online marketing campaign.

Social bookmarking services make it easy for you to access the bookmarks. You can easily access them using the internet. You can access them from any computer which is connected to the internet. Most of the social bookmarking services give you toolbar. This enables you to access the bookmarks easily and you can also bookmark the websites effectively.

The social bookmarking services also take advantages over the search engines when it comes to the searching. The search engines enable you to search for all the possible matches while the social bookmarks allow you to find the websites which are bookmarked by the people. This means that you will be getting high quality websites only.

The downside is also search. You can not find all the websites using the bookmarking services. You will fail to find a website if it is not bookmarked by anyone. On the other hand, you can find every website on the search engines. This means that the search engines will give you a more comprehensive result as compared to the social bookmarking services.

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