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How to Avoid Being a Victim of Online Scams

December 15th, 2009

scams-online-avoid.jpgBeing scammed in any form can leave victims with a distinct sense of loss. You can lose money, opportunities, and perhaps even a previously optimistic outlook on life in general. Lots of scammers ply their nefarious trades right now on the Internet, and it can be difficult to recognize them. Both individuals and dubious companies make promises to their customers but do not always fulfill them. People end up being tricked by these scammers when they take the money and run away without providing the advertised product or service.

Why are they called scammers? And how can the victims recover their losses from them? Many of these questionable entities are actually wise thieves and robbers who will form a service or an opportunity for the express purpose of stealing a customer’s money.

For years, there were lots of victims who lost their money to various scammers around the world. They can actually be fairly smart, because if the customers start to complain about a particular individual or company regarding their fraudulent transactions, they will simply close down and run away with the money. To start another firm, they will use fake names for themselves and change the name of their company. The life cycle of these scammers repeats continuously, making lots of money from their victims who invested their money for an opportunity.

In order to avoid being a victim of these “make money online” scams, here are a couple of points that you should know and investigate:

1. Is the company brand new or well established?

If the company is very new and you don’t know much about it, it’s probably best not to join yet. Wait for the other customers to join the company and to observe how things unfold. If you have any forum accounts, try to create a thread for yourself about this company. Wait for the members to reply in your thread on what they think about the company you posted. This is where you determine if the company is legitimate or not.

However, if the company is old, you have to research it through forums and search engines and find out what others are saying about it. This will provide you with some research material that will help you figure out whether you should join or not. If you can find some credible negative feedback on this company, do not join.

2. Is the company a get-rich-quick scheme?

Before you join a company that promises to make you rich quickly, think twice. It’s hard to believe that there are companies which will make you rich in a matter of days. You cannot realistically believe that they can guarantee you “$100 to $200 a day” or “150% after 5 days”, because they will only steal your money or perhaps pay you a small amount from previous “investors”. So it’s better to be smart when joining these “make money online” schemes.

Unfortunately, making money online is not as easy as some people would have us believe. While it is true that there are many individuals or firms who are successful in making money online, they are usually the ones that start from the bottom and build things up the old fashioned way with hard work and due diligence just like a regular traditional business. Anyone can be a victim, but in order to eliminate this possibility, you have to be smart before joining a program that promises to be the “next big thing.”

This article on how to avoid online scams was sent to us from the user “bogartkick” on the DigitalPoint forums. As with most such articles, it has had to be modified somewhat to smooth out the choppy English.

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