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Keyword Research and SEO

December 18th, 2009

keyword-research-seo.jpgSEO has become a very popular set of strategies to market your website or blog. It contains methods which will help you to get your website better ranked and hence the visitors will be in abundance. One other good thing that you can achieve with Search Engine Optimization is the targeted traffic which is otherwise hard to obtain. Unlike other marketing techniques, SEO targets the search engines and helps you to get the traffic from people who are actually looking for the information that you have to offer. Because search engines have many visitors who are performing queries during every minute of the day, if you can get your website featured there, you have a very good chance of receiving a nice boost to your traffic statistics.

SEO experts use many techniques to optimize the website. To successfully get to the top level, you will also need to use these techniques. Using one or two techniques will usually not work as well as employing several methods consistently over a long period of time. The most important thing for an SEO expert always remains the keywords. All your further work is based on the quality of the keyword research that forms the foundation of your SEO plan. After you know exactly which keywords you are going to use and then create articles which are optimized for these phrases, you will be able to build backlinks to your article pages and rise in the rankings.

Keyword research is something that every SEO expert or novice needs to take very seriously. There are various kinds of keyword research software available which will help you to make your work much easier. To start with you will have to research the top keyword which represents your niche and is commonly used by the buyers in your niche. Focusing on this main phrase will help you to bring in the targeted traffic that is most likely to convert into clicks, leads, or sales for you. Once you have researched that keyword, you will need to look at other related keywords and create more content around these to help you fill out your site and attract even more visitors. You can use the keyword research software here. At this point you will have to put your keyword in the software and it will give you all the keywords that most search engines consider to be related to the main topic of your site.

After the keywords have been properly researched, they should be properly incorporated into your content. If you are using the keywords in your text and this has a very high density (for example 10% or more), then the whole exercise will give no favor to you. In fact the search engines may actually suppress your content in the listings because it will appear as a kind of spam technique known as keyword stuffing. This can be really damaging, so you have to be careful that you have enough keywords to denote relevance but not so many that your article does not read well and looks like it has been stuffed with keywords. A density of 2-4% is generally considered excellent with Google, while you may be able to get away with up to 5 or 6% for the other search engines.

So what you have to do is to research the proper keywords, use the keyword research software, and then create the content which has the right density while still providing value to the readers. This will ensure that your website is highly ranked with the search engines and that you have all the targeted traffic flowing to your website.

This article on keyword research and SEO was originally purchased under a PLR agreement from the DigitalPoint forums and has been modified somewhat to improve the grammar and readability.

2 Responses to “Keyword Research and SEO”

  1. comment number 1 by: Kelly

    Keyword research is a vital phase of the process of online business building. It is the first you should begin with. Indeed there are lots of tools on the internet which could ease up the work. I personally use the iSpionage, which i consider to be very effective and all-doing. It generates hundreds of related keyword suggestions along with estimated popularity. The more ideas you have the better. It is highly advised to use long tail keywords as they have low competition and are easy to rank for, and also it is good to use more than one keyword search source.

  2. comment number 2 by: eye treatment

    I know the meaning of it complete but still need to look for more tips on it for become master keyword analyzer.thanks..

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