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Google Team Sends Holiday Greetings, Pledges $20 Million to Charities

December 24th, 2009

google-world-charity-donations.jpgYesterday I received a brief email message from the Google Team, who sends us their 2009 holiday greetings and links to a page where they reveal that Google is intending to donate $20 million to various charitable organizations. Here is the text of the message with the original link intact.

Happy Holidays from Google


As we near the end of the year, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for the time, energy, commitment, and trust you’ve shared with us in 2009.

With sharing in mind, this year we’ve decided to do something a little different. We hope you’ll find it fits the spirit of the holiday season.

We’re looking forward to working with you to build lasting success in 2010.

Happy Holidays,
Your Google Team

Meanwhile, as this is the 1000th post here at Karlonia.com, I would like to thank the folks at Google for providing us with the opportunity to gain exposure for our sites through the Internet’s leading search engine and to earn substantial income through the AdSense program. 2009 has been a banner year for Karlonia; my overall income has risen to a level of five times what it was only one year ago, and Google has been a major part of this. Although my work is not yet complete, I am well on my way to lifting myself out of poverty and helping many others to do the same by providing relevant content and connecting advertisers with potential customers who are interested in their products and services.

For the remainder of the post, I will list each of the organizations that Google has selected for donations and provide a brief summary of its main focus and mission.

Reporters Without Borders — Based in France under the name Reporters Sans Frontières, this organization’s primary mission is to protect freedom of the press against oppressive governments that seek to restrict the free flow of information and sometimes resort to attacking or imprisoning journalists. Their website is frequently updated and is available in five languages (Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Persian).

Save the Children — As the name implies, the organization provides assistance that focuses on the basic needs of children, including food, education, and medical care. They are active in more than 50 countries; Google is sponsoring their efforts in two areas, the “Latin American focus” and the “Middle East and Eurasia focus”.

Harlem Children’s Zone is centered in the Harlem area of New York City and currently operates in an area of approximately 100 city blocks. This non-profit organization targets poverty-stricken children and families with a holistic approach that provides educational, social, and medical services to children from the time of their birth up to the time they are able to enter the workforce.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children acts as an information clearinghouse and resource for parents of missing children and other members of the general public who may be able to assist in locating them. NCMEC distributes photographs of missing children and accepts tips and information from the public. It also coordinates these activities with various law enforcement agencies.

The Mango Tree was established to provide educational and job training assistance for orphans in Africa. The organization is based in the Kyela District of southern Tanzania, along the border with Malawi. It provides food, clothing, and medicines to children with severe needs but focuses primarily on supporting children through primary and secondary school and providing marketable skills to those who are not academically inclined toward college.

Witness uses video to expose incidents of human rights violations and promotes greater justice and equality worldwide. This group has formed partnerships with 12 to 15 other human rights organizations and trains them in the use of video and reporting skills to assist in the exposure of egregious crimes.

Loud Against Nazis is a German organization founded in 2004 to raise awareness of neo-Nazi violence in that country. They use advertising, concerts, and audio books to combat Nazi activities and ideology.

Global Voices is a community of more than 200 bloggers around the world who collaborate on translations of reports from blogs and citizen journalists. They emphasize voices that are not ordinarily heard in the mainstream media. They do not have a physical office but are incorporated in the Netherlands.

Feeding America is a domestic hunger-relief charity whose mission is to feed hungry Americans through a nationwide network of member food banks and raise awareness of hunger issues in this supposedly developed country. They provide food to more than 25 million low-income people in the United States, including more than 9 million children and nearly 3 million seniors.

Boys and Girls Clubs provide adult care and supervision for children who are lacking in this area. They provide a variety of youth programs that focus on health, education, arts, life skills, leadership development, and athletics.

Smile Train is a charity that is focused on the specific problem of cleft lip and palate, particularly in children who cannot afford the cost of surgical procedures to repair this condition. They also provide free cleft-related training for doctors and medical professionals.

CARE is a humanitarian organization dedicated to alleviating and eradicating poverty in developing countries. Originally CARE was known as “Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe”, and later “Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere”. Today they operate in over 70 countries and focus on issues such as reducing world hunger, preventing the spread of HIV, and improving the quality and accessibility of basic education.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is a well-known organization that specializes in environmental conservation. Their focus is on protecting endangered species of plants and animals, promoting sustainable approaches to the use of renewable natural resources, and promoting more efficient use of resources and energy while striving for maximum reduction of pollution.

Mobile Creches provides childcare services in certain regions of India, particularly in places like slums and construction sites where such services are apparently lacking. There are two branches in Mumbai and Pune that are now functioning as independent organizations as of April 1, 2007.

Prajwala is a non-governmental organization based in Hyderabad, India. Its primary purpose is to oppose and raise awareness of forced prostitution and human trafficking. They have a staff of 200 people and receive support from other entities such as UNICEF, the International Organization for Migration, and the Government of India.

HEAL Africa is a relatively small charitable organization that was formed in 1996 to deal with the ongoing humanitarian issues stemming from the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their mission is to provide holistic care for the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the form of training health professionals, strengthening social activists, and providing physical, spiritual, and social healing.

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is an educational institution in Muizenberg, South Africa. It was established in September 2003 and formed through a partnership between the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and University of Paris-Sud. It functions as a university and provides tertiary education and scholarships to African students.

Ushahidi, derived from a Kiswahili word that means “testimony” or “witness”, is a Kenya-based website created in the aftermath of this nation’s disputed 2007 presidential election. The site’s operators and visitors collected eyewitness reports of violence sent in by email and text messages and placed them on a Google map. It is also the name of the open source software developed for the site. It uses the concept of “crowdsourcing” for social activism and public accountability, serving as an initial model for what has been coined as “activist mapping” — the combination of social activism, citizen journalism, and geospatial information.

Grupo Cultural Afroreggae is a non-governmental organization which emerged in 1993 initially as an informational newspaper. It was focused on the appreciation of black culture aimed mainly at young people connected to music such as Reggae, Soul, and Hiphop. Today their activities are dedicated to the support of disadvantaged youth and the integration of social projects such as dance, percussion, football, and recycling of waste and poultry.

Ashesi University is a private, secular, liberal arts college located near Accra, Ghana which opened in March 2002. Ashesi’s mission is to educate African leaders of exceptional integrity and professional ability. In addition to liberal arts training, the university also offers majors in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, and Business Administration.

Pratham describes itself as the largest non-governmental organization that is working to provide quality education to the underprivileged children of India. It was established in 1994 to provide pre-school education to the children in the slums of Mumbai. Its overall mission is to increase school enrollment and learning levels for underprivileged children.

Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience is an Indigenous Corporation and nonprofit charity that uses a unique style of structured education mentoring to link university students in a one-on-one relationship with high school Indigenous students. The organization’s objective is to increase Year 10, Year 12, and university admission rates for all Indigenous Australian students who participate in the program.

Shin Shin Educational Foundation was founded in 1997 by several Chinese-American friends living in the San Francisco area. Their objective is to help less fortunate people living in remote or impoverished areas to build primary schools in China. It expanded its organization and officially became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2001.

Tzu Chi Foundation was established in 1966 by Dharma Master Cheng Yen on the east coast of Taiwan. In addition to traditional charity, the foundation dedicates itself to the fields of medicine, education, environmental protection, international relief work, and the establishment of the world’s third largest marrow donor registry. It also promotes humanistic values and community volunteerism. In 1989, the foundation expanded into California and now operates 62 local offices with more than 100,000 members in the United States.

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