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Common Mistakes in Online Niche Marketing

December 27th, 2009

niche-marketing-software.jpgWhen it comes to SEO, most of the online marketers who attempt to build niche sites fail to obtain their desired results. This usually occurs because of a common set of mistakes that they keep on making. These mistakes are not only common in the newbie but they are also made by some seasoned marketers. Obviously such mistakes will not help your search engine optimization campaign and can cause you to fall flat without realizing what is happening. Here you will find a detailed look at these mistakes with the solutions to repair possible problems you may have and get your niche site building efforts back on track.

1. Niche — the greatest mistake: Building profitable sites around SEO is all about finding the right niche. If you have failed to choose the proper niche, you will almost certainly fall flat. Choosing the right niche can be the toughest thing to do in the beginning, but you need to think carefully about it because it is also the most important thing. The proper niche should not be very wide. If you think your niche is wider and you begin to encompass too many areas, you need to narrow it down until you are sure that you are attracting traffic from only those people who are likely buyers (or clickers) and are looking for a specific range of products or services.

2. Your keyword list: The list is something which will be your most handy tool when it comes to online marketing. You can find and analyze keywords with some keyword research software and you can even design your website using the tools, but creating a good list requires your personal efforts more than anything else. The list has to be wide enough to cover not only the current product but the future prospects as well. The keyword list needs to be broad enough so that you can funnel in more visitors with the most appropriate and beneficial ‘long tail’ keywords. You will end up with a well refined list, but in the beginning you need to start with one that is somewhat more broad. If you start with a list that is already too narrowly defined, you may miss out on the funnel effect of long tail keywords and related products that might interest your visitors and increase your traffic.

3. Over-reliance on free tools: It may seem fascinating to use the free tools to get all the work done, especially when it comes to keyword research. But in fact this can be the type of mistake that most of marketers make and do not realize it. The free tools may seem great for people who have not had experience with other things, but they do not always provide the best results. The free keyword research software tools typically provide only the most common statistics and will leave out many advanced options based on the latest technology. Some of these advanced features can help you narrow down your niche keywords more quickly and give you a good idea of whether or not your favorite keyword phrases are likely to make money for you. Many of the better paid tools such as Micro Niche Finder can provide this type of information while saving you time that can be used to increase your productivity in other areas.

If you can manage to avoid these common mistakes, you will likely achieve the kind of success you deserve as an online marketer. After you build at least one successful site using the right methods, you will then have a good base from which you can scale up your operations and make enough money to meet your daily needs.

This article on common niche marketing mistakes was originally purchased under a PLR agreement from the DigitalPoint forums and has been modified somewhat to improve the grammar and readability.

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