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Top Tips on How to Save Time

January 4th, 2010

save-time-money.jpgTime is one of the most precious commodities in modern life. If you could save half an hour each day, that adds up to more than one week per year! You can do a lot in a week, even if it’s only catching up on sleep, that other shrinking but vital resource in our times. The keys to saving time are planning, prioritising, and using available services to make our lives easier.

General Time Saving Tips:

  1. Delegate, delegate, delegate! Try getting the kids to make their own sandwiches or lunchboxes.
  2. Double up on tasks wherever possible. For example, if you can combine taking the dog for a walk with picking up a couple of items from the local shops or going to the post office, do it.

  3. Shower instead of bathing.
  4. Prevention is better than cure. Grooming the dog takes less time than picking up shed hair. Changing your outdoor shoes when you get home is quicker than cleaning up muddy footprints.
  5. Create designated places for items that go walkabout. Nothing is more annoying or a bigger waste of time than hunting for keys, wallets, and other essentials.
  6. Make lists. Forgetting to do things and having to go back is entirely avoidable.

How to Save Time While Doing Housework

  1. Cook a massive meal once a week and freeze portions that only need reheating. This also saves time on washing dishes and utensils. The best options are all-in-one meals (casseroles, quiches, pies) so you won’t have to cook additional vegetables as an accompaniment. Cooked rice freezes and reheats extremely well, either as an ingredient of a dish or separately.
  2. Laundry is easy. It’s hanging it out, ironing, and folding it that takes time. It may feel good to wear fresh clothes every day, and most workplaces demand a certain level of grooming, but try wearing outfits a bit longer, and only wash when clothes are dirty, not just less than fresh. You might be able to cut out one wash a month or more.
  3. Avoid buying or wearing clothes that need ironing. Many items will be presentable if you peg them out straight and smooth on the line.
  4. Are you a cleanaholic? Kitchens and bathrooms may need regular cleaning for hygiene reasons, but dust isn’t dangerous. Doing some basic but less crucial chores just a little less can substantially save time. It can be quicker to use a duster and a pan and brush rather than pulling out the vacuum cleaner.
  5. Mowing the lawn is a time-gobbler deluxe. Paving it over is a solution, but it’s both environmentally unfriendly and potentially ugly. Doubling the size of your flower beds and borders and adding low-maintenance ground cover plants cuts time mindlessly mowing.
  6. Planting drought-tolerant plants can save you gardening time in summer.
  7. Having separate recycling bins eliminates having to sort out paper, cardboard and plastic at the end of the week.

How to Save Time While Shopping

  1. If you have the option of doing a big monthly grocery shopping online and having it delivered, you can save time on commuting, tramping up and down the aisles, and standing in checkout queues. Shops are designed to make you stop and look as well as spend more. If you don’t have this service near you, then it’s still worth doing a bulk shop, planned in advance. It may take a bit of time initially, but you will find that the larger part of your monthly shop consists of the same items each month, so it will become quicker and easier.
  2. Online shopping for other items that can be delivered to your door can also save time. Not only will price comparison sites speedily give you the least expensive option, they offer a quick overview of the range of items available. Even if you plan to go foot-shopping for the item, these sites will help you narrow down your options.
  3. Make a note of essential goods that you tend to run out of and stock up on spares. Nipping to the shops for single items is a big time waster. Milk freezes brilliantly, as does bread. Buy a supply of postage stamps and envelopes — they won’t go to waste. An ‘emergency supplies’ cupboard can save you in case of disaster, but doubles as a handy resource when you run out of essentials.

If you need motivation, keep a time chart of your normal routine — you’ll probably be shocked at how much time some tasks take. If getting organised seems like a schlep, consider it another way: the stress of constant hurrying and too little relaxation could take years off your life.

This article on how to save time was supplied to us by “Solo” from Constant Content.

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