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Staten Island Movie Location Tour

January 9th, 2010

staten-island-movie.jpgSteeped in movie-making history, Staten Island is the perfect place to spend the day revisiting some of the world’s most famous filming locations. Where else can you walk in the footsteps of Jack Black, Al Pacino, and Madonna all in one afternoon?

The next time you steal away for a quick day trip, take a self-guided tour of Staten Island’s famous locations and landmarks that have been featured in some of today’s biggest movies and television shows. A few hours cruising the island is sure to bring back some of your fondest movie memories. From drama and comedy to horror and action, it has all happened here on Staten Island.

Begin your adventure on the Staten Island Ferry where Melanie Griffith rode from Manhattan to Staten Island in Working Girl. While you’re on the ferry, keep your eyes open for locations from The Secret to My Success, starring Michael J. Fox and episodes of the hit TV shows, Sex In the City and Friends. Be sure to look out at picturesque Prince’s Bay where portions of Scent of A Woman starring Al Pacino were filmed. Complete your ferry tour by taking a peek in the water and surrounding banks where you might recognize locations from the comedy-horror classic, Toxic Avenger.

Feel like rocking out? Stop by the Main Hall of Staten Island’s Wagner College where Jack Black’s comedy, School of Rock was filmed. Or, if you prefer dance tracks over rock, you won’t want to miss the SIRTOA train station where Madonna’s, “Papa Don’t Preach” music video was shot.

Staten Island is a magnet for filmmakers with its diverse and gorgeous scenery. The Korean War Veteran’s Highway was used for the freeway scene in War of the Worlds starring Tom Cruise and quaint Hylan Boulevard was made famous in Rodney Dangerfield’s comedy classic, Easy Money.

Your self-guided movie location tour wouldn’t be complete without passing by 110 Longfellow Road in Emerson Hill, the impressive exterior of the Corleone Mansion in The Godfather. If the Corleone Mansion isn’t enough to satisfy your Godfather appetite, stop by Staten Island’s Mt. Loretto Church, the location used for the exterior of the film’s christening scene.

Whatever path your self-guided tour takes you on, you’re sure to enjoy the afternoon as you follow the footsteps of the stars here on Staten Island.

This article on Staten Island movie locations was supplied to us by Kelly Reno, who lives in Los Angeles and has been writing professionally for over a decade. She is the author of fourteen published books in many different genres including small business, health & beauty, inspiration, horror, green living, fantasy, and how-to.

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