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Computers, Technology, and Microsoft Office in 2010

January 18th, 2010

microsoft-office-2010.jpgThe year 2010 is still in its first month and new things with computers and modern technology are already coming out on the market. Some of the newest software is even better than before. Many businesses and homeowners have already begun to take their old, heavy filing cabinets out of the office and home. The newest office programs have the capability of being a filing cabinet. These programs can save someone a lot of time, money, and space.

Office 2010 from Microsoft has already been introduced. People have been using Office 2007 (Office 12) and Office 2008, one for Windows and one for Mac, and these applications have so many capabilities that it is more than fascinating. Businesses use this type of software to help them improve speed and efficiency in the company. People use these office programs for their own personal use as well. The computer world is constantly changing for the better.

Now there is Office 2010, also known as Office 14. In January 2009, Microsoft offered sneak peeks at the new Office program. By April 2009, Microsoft knew that this office program would be ready in 2010. It is supposed to have 8 new features, some of which will allow a person to edit text and images in a better way, allow them to choose new types of letter styling, and offer more compatibility with Windows 7.

As many people may have already noticed, the Office programs that are out on the market now work better with Windows XP and Windows 7 than they do with Windows Vista. There seems to be a computer compatibility problem for the Office programs being installed on Vista. People have to keep repairing , uninstalling, and reinstalling their program. When a business is required to use such frustrating applications as these, they do not have time to keep fixing issues. They need something that will work each time they open it.

The Starter Edition for Office 2010 came out in November 2009. For businesses, this is a great solution for them. They can do a number of calculations and they can program certain formulas into their Excel spreadsheets so that when they change data or add data, the program will automatically change the other data that is there. They already had the capability of bringing statistics and other information into their Excel spreadsheet from the Internet without even leaving Excel. There is even more that can be done with the newest Office program.

With this new Office 2010, there is also more help available for people. There are more tutorials which are easier for people when they need to learn something. If a person has an accounting or bookkeeping business, these office programs can help them to keep track of every aspect of a business. They can save all the information right onto a hard drive, CDs, DVDs, or flash drives. They can exchange data via computer networks. The business can expand to another country or state if they need to and all the programs in the office software can be shared with whomever they need to share it with. Each time Microsoft creates a new office program, they make it even easier for people who have a business.

If someone has stocks and they want to keep track of those, they can make their own workbook full of spreadsheets in Excel. They can also go online from within Excel and get even more data or statistics. This information they collect will update for them every time the stocks change and they do not have to do anything to get these updates. This is all included in the Office programs.

Technology changes to benefit small businesses, large businesses, and individuals who wish to use these programs for their own use. Some new programs included with the new Office 2010 are Infopath Designer and Infopath Filler, Publisher, and Sharepoint Workspace. They still have the Excel, Access, Outlook, Onenote, PowerPoint, and Word, but they have more capabilities within each one of them. When it comes to computers, technology, and software, the year 2010 holds a whole new fascinating experience for anyone who uses Microsoft’s innovative software programs.

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