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Homedulgence: The New Lifestyle Trend For Tough Times

January 19th, 2010

homedulgence-lifestyle.jpgTrend-spotting company The Future Laboratory predicts that ‘homedulgence’ – indulging ourselves at home – is the next big thing. With economic recession, we’re going to be spending less time out on the town. That needn’t just mean ‘not going out’ and it’s more than simple cocooning. Homedulgence entails making the most of the entertainment opportunities that you already have at home, as well as maximising the possibilities for making your home the focus of your leisure life. Especially with the Internet, there are a multitude of ways to ‘homedulge’ yourself and save money without dying of boredom.

  • Online entertainment is accessible as never before. The cinema is traditionally a haven of escapism in hard times, but with high-speed broadband and the Internet, people in their millions are opting to watch movies and documentaries online. DVD hire services, where a small subscription allows you to receive your screen entertainment by post, without you even having to go to the video store, are a popular alternative.
  • Online gaming lets you visit other worlds without spending or expanding your carbon footprint. Exploring social landscapes such as those of Second Life provides millions more with the adventure and novelty of foreign travel. Social networking keeps you ‘out there’ without going out.
  • Entertaining at home is on the rise. The dinner party with a twist is hot stuff. For special occasions people are hiring live musicians and other performers, organising karaoke or spicing up the evening with a butler for the night. Parlour games complete the evening. Hot tubs are not cheap to run but an evening in the tub with friends and a few glasses of wine is more economical than going to restaurants or shows.
  • With the Wii Fit you can save on the gym subscription and keep active in the comfort of your own living room. It might be lacking in the things that characterize the open air, outdoors experience but it is a trend that’s catching on.
  • Gardening is the answer to fresh air and contact with nature at home. A powerful trend in contemporary garden design is treating the outdoors as an extension of the interior living space. That means tranquil spaces with comfortable furnishings, water features, and even artworks.
  • Working from home may not sound like indulgence but ‘bleisure’ (combining business with leisure) is an allied trend. Whether you’re a virtual PA or an artist, the home can provide a relaxing work environment for some. Flexible hours, no office rental, and reduced commuting costs are amongst the benefits.
  • Staying in demands that the home environment is one you really want to spend time in. Redesigning areas of the home for homedulgent living, or redecorating to create a space that fulfills your aesthetic needs, is a rewarding pastime in itself.

As well as being a cost-cutting exercise, homedulgence can be a way of reinforcing family relationships, exercising your creativity, practicing eco-friendly living, and learning how to relax, leaving the rat race behind.

This article was supplied to us by “Solo” from Constant Content.

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