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Introduction to Selling on eBay

January 22nd, 2010

ebay-sell-stuff.jpgSelling on eBay is a fast and easy way to make money. Whether you’re simply trying to get rid of some old possessions lying around the house, supplement your existing income, or make a lucrative full-time business out of selling things online, eBay gives you all the tools that you need to work and sell at your own pace and on your own terms.

Whenever selling items on eBay, there are a few important rules that everyone should remember in order to be successful.

1) Only sell things that people are actually going to buy. While this might sound like some rather common sense advice, it’s wisdom that often escapes inexperienced sellers. If you’re trying to sell an item that has sentimental value to you but is of no real importance to anyone else, it’s unlikely that they will bid on it and then pay to ship it. That’s what yard sales are for!

2) Price your items reasonably. There is a common misconception that eBay can make anything sell for outrageous prices due to the effect of buyers getting into “bidding wars” with one another. In reality, most eBay users are very cautious and practical. A good strategy as a seller is to search eBay for existing auctions and see what items similar to yours are selling for. More importantly, you should check the “completed listings” option on the menu to the left, which will bring up results indicating what related items have actually sold for, thus providing you with an idea of what you can expect to make from your listing.

3) Always make it clear to buyers exactly what they’re bidding on. One drawback to online auctions is that buyers are not able to physically see what they might be paying for. For this reason, it is important to carefully and thoroughly describe your item correctly, and to include at least one high-quality picture that makes it clear what the nature and condition of the item is. If you don’t do this, many buyers will simply not risk bidding on your item, or - worse yet - you’ll end up with a buyer who doesn’t get the item that they’re expecting, a dilemma leading us to our fourth tip…

4) Maintain a good relationship with your buyers. This is the single most important thing that an eBay seller can do. Not only is it good business practice to keep buyers satisfied, it will, in most cases, prevent you from receiving negative feedback. Feedback is an essential component of eBay that can make or break a seller’s reputation. Responsible buyers tend to look for sellers with very high feedback ratings (96% or higher), and when you’re just starting out, one negative feedback can devastate your rating. Fortunately, good communication and accommodation towards buyers generally prevents this from happening.

There are many nuances and technical intricacies involved in maximizing your potential as an eBay merchant. While those cannot be enumerated here, following the above tips will get you headed in the right direction and on your way to becoming a successful eBay seller.

This article dealing with how to sell stuff on eBay was supplied to us by “Warpoet” from Constant Content.

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