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How to Easily Make New Friends on Facebook

January 24th, 2010

facebook-friends-logo.jpgHave you ever seen people with hundreds of friends on Facebook and wondered what it would be like? If your social circle is looking a little small there’s a fun and easy way to make friends on Facebook and meet new people from all over the world.

One of the funnest things to do on Facebook is play games. Some games like Farmville have gone viral and have tens of millions of players. Chances are, many of your current friends on Facebook are already playing. However, there are thousands of fun games available to play and many of these games don’t have nearly as many players. This is the basis of our friend-adding strategy!

Search Facebook for a game that looks fun to you and then go to that game’s application page. Check to see if they have a Discussion box next to their Wall and Info boxes. If they do, check it out and see if there is a post that says “Add Me”. This will be a list of friendly people that want to play the game with you! Simply add the game to your Apps and then start adding friends to play with.

If there’s no Add Me Discussion board just browse through the fans on the application page and pick out the friendly looking people. Send them a quick message that says “Hey, I noticed you play (Game Name) and I play it too. Add me as a friend and we can play together! Have a great day!”

You’ll see that almost every single one will confirm you if you include the name of the game in your Friend Request. There’s no limit to the amount of games you can play or the number of friends you can add. Just be sure to play nice and have fun! In most games on Facebook there are friendly things you can do for others, but it is possible to sabotage them too!

To get you started here are some great games that have a lot of people waiting to play with new friends:

  1. Ponzi, Inc. - Become a virtual entrepreneur and battle others to make the most money!
  2. Medical Mayhem - Run your own hospital!
  3. Pirates: Rule the Caribbean! - Become a Pirate! Arrr!

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This article on how to make Facebook friends was supplied to us by “minuteinfo” from Constant Content.

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