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Ayurveda Treatment Offers Healing and Stress Relief

February 7th, 2010

ayurveda-treatment.jpgAyurveda is traditional medicine which originated from India. Now practiced around the world as a form of alternative medicine, Ayurveda is a whole-body approach to health care. Formed from texts which were written between AD 400 and 1500, Ayurveda has been used as an effective treatment for anxiety, chronic pain, alcoholism, and drug abuse.

According to the beliefs of Ayurveda, each person has a pattern which is a combination of their personal characteristics, including mental, emotional, and physical health. In Ayurvedic beliefs, there are three main types of energy, which are called Doshas. Doshas must be kept in balance to maintain good health; when they fall out of balance, the body shows symptoms of illness and disease. The three Doshas are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha energy types.

The Vata energy is the energy that affects the way your body moves. Body processes driven by Vata energy include the circulation of the blood, the heartbeat, breathing, and blinking. The Vata energy affects creativity, but this Dosha can cause emotions similar to fear if it is out of balance.

Pitta energy is related to the digestive systems that bring nutrients to your body. Pitta energy is said to help regulate the temperature of the body. In balance, Pitta is said to harbor feelings of contentment and raise intelligence levels. When out of balance, Pitta can manifest itself as ulcers, stomach problems and anger.

The third Dosha, Kapha energy, is the energy that affects growth within the body. It is the energy that brings water to all parts of your body. Kapha energy is also said to control and affect the immune system. Kapha energy in balance is expressed as love and understanding, while out of balance it can leave a person feeling insecure.

In most people, one or two of the different energy types are dominant in their characteristics. Many conditions can upset the Dosha, including a poor diet, fighting with your loved ones, weather, and stress. Practitioners of the Ayurveda tradition offer treatments, including herbs, diet, meditation, breaking bad habits, and many other treatments.

Though Ayurveda has been used in India as a traditional system of medicine for centuries, doctors in western medicine have only recently found that Ayurveda tends to greatly boost the healing of patients who are receiving conventional treatments. Western doctors who believe in Ayurveda as an effective treatment for illness cite Ayurveda’s inherent stress-relieving methods in helping their patients heal.

As Ayurveda treatment becomes more popular outside of India, more doctors from other countries have chosen to incorporate Ayurvedic principles into their medical practices. Western medicine still has a lot to learn from the healing effects of Ayurveda, and there are many teachers who independently offer treatment and training in the Ayurveda tradition.

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One Response to “Ayurveda Treatment Offers Healing and Stress Relief”

  1. comment number 1 by: Peter

    Ayurveda is has been practiced safely and effectively in India for the past 4,000 years. It must work otherwise Ayurveda would not have survived this long. It is holistic science that emphasizes prevention. It is also a lifestyle science as it incorporates in a daily lifestyle plan herbs, diet, exercise, and more.

    Here is a website I have found information that is easy to understand.


    Take their Dosha test, it is fun. Then once you know your Dosha you design a plan that includes herbs, diet, etc. It has helped me.


    One product I take everyday is Nature’s Formulary Chyawanprash. It is tasty and really helps my energy level and immune system


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