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Rediscover Your City: 5 Urban iPhone Apps

February 17th, 2010

iphone-apps-city.jpgMany people wonder how they ever managed to survive in the city before they had Google Maps with GPS at their fingertips. But your iPhone can do so much more than help you get from point A to point B. With all of the urban-centric iPhone applications out there, you may be unsure which ones to choose. These are the top five apps that will make you fall in love with your city all over again.

1. Discover Anywhere Transit

No matter how long you’ve lived in your city, there’s no way to remember every transit stop. Thanks to “augmented reality”, there are a plethora of new apps that help you navigate the urban jungle: just hold your cell phone up and let the camera capture the surroundings. Information bubbles pop up on DAT to point you towards the nearest rail line. City-specific apps such as New York City Nearest Subway by Acrossair well help you find the nearest subway stop.

2. Yelp

Everyone’s go-to city searching tool is Yelp, and if you need a recommendation on the go, load Yelp for Mobile. This free urban iPhone app allows you to search places to eat, shop, and get serviced. Find out where you can get a cheap manicure and scroll through reviews to make sure you won’t leave with a hack polish job. Pinpoint the nearest gas station, get your caffeine fix, and get on with it.

3. Not For Tourists

You may already own the Not For Tourists guide to your city — the little black book that helps you find everything you need from a tailor to a Mai Tai to a good massage. However, you probably don’t carry it around, because that would be so…well, touristy. Now you can discreetly browse NTF on your phone. One of the best features of the NTF iPhone app is that it loads without being connected to the network, unlike most other city guides, so you can even consult it on the subway.

4. Wallpaper City Guide

Though Wallpaper Guides are known as the top choice for tourists with discriminating tastes, they can be just as valuable for residents who appreciate good design. After all, they are compiled by city residents along with Wallpaper’s savvy editors. Browse a “tightly edited” selection of restaurants, bars, stores, and other architecturally significant sites with a modern bent.

5. Urbanspoon

This free iPhone app will quickly become one of your favorites, since finding a restaurant on the fly can be risky. Sure, it looks OK, but how is the food? Using GPS, Urbanspoon allows you to search by neighborhood, cuisine, and price point. For those who are still indecisive, give your phone a shake, and like spinning a slot machine, leave your restaurant choice to fate.

This article on city-related iPhone applications was supplied to us by Dorian Gray from Constant Content.

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