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Drive Website Traffic Through Article Marketing

March 10th, 2010

traffic-article-marketing.jpgArticle marketing for search engine optimization has received a lot of attention recently, and for good reason. An effective article marketing campaign can drive an extraordinary amount of targeted traffic to a website, directly and through search engine ranking. Google seems to respect those websites who participate in article marketing because it isn’t quick, dirty, or unethical; therefore, it’s not considered black hat SEO.

In order for your article to be accepted to an article submission site, it must pass certain guidelines for quality. These sites exist to provide an end user with their choice of many quality articles to syndicate in order to keep their site’s content fresh. If an article submission site has a lot of spam or self-serving articles, many of their customers will start to search elsewhere. That is why the writers are held to such strict guidelines.

While it may be tempting to stuff the article with links to your website, most submission sites won’t allow it directly from the body text. However, they will usually provide you with a resource box to link back to your site. In order to get people all the way to the resource box, you will need to keep their attention. This can be done by writing an interesting article. Don’t use too many words or rant. This will drive people away.

When entering links into the resource box, it is important to remember to utilize anchor text. Anchor text is what tells the search engine what your site is about. So if you have a link labeled “Widgets”, search engines will think your website is about widgets. You are more likely to get a higher ranking for widgets now that you have that anchor text leading to your site.

Syndication is the key to a good article marketing strategy. Not only will you earn a one-way link for every article that is syndicated, but you will also gain access to that website’s traffic. If the site that you are marketing is interesting, a good portion of that traffic could become your permanent customers.

There are plenty of different article marketing website on the Internet, but only a few that have good popularity or a high PageRank. These are the sites you should focus on. Forget the others. Pick four or five different article marketing sites and write as many articles for them as you can. The more articles you have, the better chance you have of getting syndicated. You shouldn’t use any article site that does not have a good reputation or is not established enough to provide your article pages with significant traffic or link strength. EzineArticles.com or GoArticles.com is a good place to start.

You can also earn money directly from article marketing. There are many different revenue sharing programs on the Internet available for writers. It would be wise to join a few of these and submit articles. Not only will you get more traffic and backlinks to your website, but you will take home a share of the advertising earnings as well. Ehow, Squidoo, and Hubpages are good examples of these.

Developing a strong article marketing strategy is one of the best ways to improve a website’s search engine ranking and increase traffic. By following the basic rules to article marketing you will be able to drive quality traffic. If the rules are ignored, you will only be wasting your time.

This article was supplied to us by Christopher Lawrence from Constant Content.

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