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Where to Get Free Music Online

March 12th, 2010

free-music-online.jpgAlthough it is possible to get into trouble for illegally downloading songs, you CAN still get free music online without the Feds breaking down your front door. Whether you want to listen to free personalized radio, stream specific songs, or download mp3s, you can get your music fill for free on the Internet, and it’s legal! It’s just a matter of knowing where to find the music. Here are a few sites that make free music available to you.

Free Internet Radio

Internet radio stations are everywhere. You can probably listen to your hometown’s radio station from across the country. There are services that find different radio stations for you and try to match the music genre that piques your interest. The newest trend in Internet radio, however, is much more personalized. Sites like Slacker.com and Pandora.com are designed to give you a customized Internet radio experience.

These sites have pre-existing radio stations (80s Hits, Music for Toddlers, Indie Chill Alternative). If you choose these stations, you have the ability to block certain artists or songs from being played. In addition, you can type in any song or artist and create new radio stations on the fly. The services will play the song or the artist that you requested. Most of the time your specific song will be played, but not always, and it will then create a radio station with similar songs and artists. You can put in “requests” and make rules to tell the service more about what you would like in your customized station.

The only catch is that you have to listen to ads to get the music for free. For a small fee, you can cut the commercials. The free service is still great. If you’re bored with radio and your own music, you should definitely give these free services a shot.

Free On Demand Music

How many times have you remembered some obscure song from your past and had the desire to hear that specific song? You really don’t want to BUY that song, but you’d like to hear it again, get your fix, and then move on to something new. If you want more than the 10 seconds that most online music stores offer, there are sites to help.

You might try the search boxes at Pandora and Slacker (mentioned above). They might be able to instantly supply the song you’ve searched. If not, check out Grooveshark.com. Grooveshark is another Internet radio station, but it’s much more accommodating when you want to hear music on demand. Type in an artist, song, or even an album, and chances are you will find what you’d like to hear. Unlike most online radio, you can listen to an entire album if you want. You can even add your own music and share it with others. This service is great for people who are picky about their music, like listening to comedians, or are just burned out on other Internet radio stations.

Free mp3s Online

Not close to a computer or smart phone or want to listen to music on your mp3 player? There are still plenty of places to LEGALLY download free mp3s online. The most obvious place you might not have thought to look is from the artists themselves. Check out your favorite band’s website! Most bands stream music online, but a lot of bands also offer a limited number of free mp3s that you can download and own forever. You might even find unreleased treasures that you’ve never heard. There are also artist organizations like ArtistDirect.com where you can download a number of free mp3s. Don’t forget to sign up at the band’s website and on artist sites to get emails telling you when free music is available.

Good Old Amazon

Amazon.com is a goldmine for finding free music. There are thousands of absolutely free songs to download. Under mp3 downloads, click on free music and deals, and then click on any of the “free songs” links. You’ll be taken to a sortable list of over 1000 songs that you can download. There are also a number of sampler albums where you can download whole albums of free music in different genres. While some of the songs are obscure, you can find plenty of artists and songs that you know. Sign up for Amazon mp3 updates, and you will get free music notifications as they become available.

Whether you like Bach or metal (or anything in between), you can stream, search, and download music online — without fear of legal action! Try these services for yourself. What do you have to lose? It’s free music!

This article on where to get free music online was supplied to us by “Exposure” from Constant Content.

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