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Web of Trust: Internet Safety Advisor

March 20th, 2010

web-of-trust-site-logo.jpgBrowsing the Internet can be a scary thing, not only because of the risk of running into spyware, adware, and malware which can cause major issues for your computer, but also because of child safety issues. Sites that display adult or inappropriate content can make the journey through the Internet stressful and traumatic for both parents and children. Thankfully, developers have created programs that will assess the possible danger in each site and notify the Internet visitor of potential issues. Many of these programs can be found free of charge on the Internet, including the Internet safety advisor, WOT or Web of Trust, which can be found at MyWot.com.

Web of Trust is a free browser add-on that rates each site on four criteria: Trustworthiness, Vendor Reliability, Privacy, and Child Safety. This add-on reports over 20 million rated sites, with these ratings based on a combination of feedback from Internet users and from trusted sources like phishing and spamming site lists. Simple to install and use, WOT uses color-coded icons beside search engine listings to advise users of the level of danger in each site. Just like on the road and in preschool, green means go, with a green icon indicating a safe site. Yellow means proceed with caution, warning the user of potential issues. Red means stop, indicating a dangerous site containing either harmful software or inappropriate material.

WOT’s rating for Trustworthiness assesses sites for any scams, fraud, phishing, or malware. The WOT rating for Vendor Reliability assesses shopping sites for issues with customer service, such as shipping or fraud. WOT also assesses sites for their reputation for ensuring visitors’ privacy and protecting our personal information. The Child Safety rating is an important feature of WOT, indicating which sites are child appropriate and which should be given a pass or even blocked. WOT has customizable levels of security, allowing users to choose their protection level from Lite to Parental Control.

Perhaps the best feature of WOT is the one that allows visitors to make a choice, not only by giving a warning and offering the stats on the site in question, but also giving the user the option to continue to the site if they wish. The downside to the WOT ratings is the variability in their user feedback, since feedback can be very subjective and WOT doesn’t have uniform rating criteria. But for a free, simple browsing extension, Internet visitors can do much worse than to give Web of Trust a try.

This article on MyWot.com was supplied by Michelle O’Leary from Constant Content.

One Response to “Web of Trust: Internet Safety Advisor”

  1. comment number 1 by: mywot lies

    Sorry, but myWOT does not actually have any security tools, it is only user opinions and they are abusing the tool. Users rate good sites as poor all the time because of their own agenda. This is not a tool people should support at this point in time.

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