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What’s So Great About the iPad?

March 22nd, 2010

apple-ipad.jpgApple recently revealed their newest creation, the iPad, which is being touted as the bridge between laptops and smart phones. Apple has been playing it close to the chest, increasing the anticipation and speculation about this new device both online and offline. At its unveiling, Apple CEO Steve Jobs declared, “It’s the best web experience you’ve ever had.” But does the iPad deliver on his promise of greatness?

Large iPhone

The iPad weighs about 1.5 pounds, has a 9.7 inch screen, and is a half an inch thick, looking very much like a large iPhone, a one-piece tablet computer with a large touch screen. It comes with varying amounts of flash memory storage, from 16 to 64 gigabytes, has a 10 hour battery, and will cost as little as $499. The iPad has an on-screen keyboard and similar touch capability as the iPhone, with easy sorting of files or photos with a flick of a finger. The e-book ability and built in bookshelf are impressive, plus web browsing, gaming, and movie watching promise to be a visual treat. The iPad can run all iPhone applications; meanwhile, developers are already frothing at the mouth to create iPad specific programs. The cellular service will be provided by AT&T with WiFi capability coming soon.

Possible Peccadilloes

Some potential downsides to this intriguing new device may make eager buyers a bit more wary. There is very little connectivity at present and the iPad doesn’t allow multitasking. Only one process is allowed at a time, so users can’t listen to music while reading or browse the Internet while typing a document. Some might find the lack of a mouse and physical keyboard to be a difficulty, and some may find the cost prohibitive, especially for the higher end models which can reach $829.

Missing Link

Overall, the Apple iPad shows a great deal of promise as a marvelous new tool and toy for hungry consumers, but its true potential won’t be known until it goes on the market in April 2010. Will it become the missing link between smart phones and laptops? Will it deliver as great an experience as promised? It’s too soon to tell, but one thing is certain — with all the publicity and intrigue surrounding this new Apple creation, the iPad is sure to leap off the starting line with a bang on its release date.

This article on the Apple iPad was supplied by Michelle O’Leary from Constant Content.

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    Lol “will cost as little as $499″

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