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5 Luxuries You Can Afford During a Recession

March 23rd, 2010

luxuries-recession.jpgAre you finding yourself depressed about the state of the economy? Are you thinking back fondly to times when you had more money? Prepare for bliss. Here are 5 ways to splurge on the cheap as though you were rich and famous!


Find the nearest massage school. You can often get VERY cheap massages at massage schools. Call one nearby to check their rates. Some schools have programs where students massage for under $20 an hour!

Call massage studios and ask what kind of specials and coupons they are currently offering. At one point, the exclusive, snooty salons would have laughed or hung up the phone, but the recession is hitting the entire country. You’ve probably noticed coupons and deals in mailed flyers. You can often get a great deal, especially as a first-time customer.

Decent Restaurants

Even fancy restaurants are starting to put specials and coupons on their websites. Check out the websites for some of the pricey restaurants in your area. If they have mailing lists, join them! If you already get too much email, set up an email account exclusively for restaurants. When you want to eat out, check that email for the latest offers. A lot of restaurants send GREAT offers for your birthday.

Restaurants.com is a gift certificate site where you get restaurant gift certificates at a fraction of the cost. Enter your zip code to see what nearby restaurants participate in the program. Some travel clubs, discount groups, and even Borders Rewards programs often offer even better savings at Restaurants.com as a joint promotion. You can sometimes get gift certificates for 10% of the value!

If you refuse to use coupons or gift certificates (which makes you really silly, by the way — do you really care THAT much what your waiter thinks?), you should at least go to an expensive restaurant for one amazing signature drink, a fantastic appetizer, or dessert. Even the most sinfully decadent dessert on the menu is affordable, and when you permit yourself to indulge it will feel so good.

Luxury Suite Event Tickets

Have you seen the prices for event tickets on eBay and Craigslist lately? It’s a great time to get some of your equally poor and depressed friends and family to pitch in and bid on some fantastic seats at a concert or sporting event. In most cases you can get a luxury suite for about $10 a person. Don’t forget many of these packages include parking and even food and drinks!

Stay at a Fancy Hotel

If you want an overnight or weekend trip, bid on a hotel room at Priceline.com or look for deals at other travel sites. You can get great deals on last-minute hotel stays. Stay at an exclusive hotel for Motel 6 prices. Swim in the pool, relax in the Jacuzzi, and enjoy a mini-vacation.

Rent a Luxury Car

Yes, it seems silly, but it’s great fun. Once again, find deals online (or bid on Priceline) for renting cars. You can usually get better deals during the week. Rent a car for a day or two. Take your spouse or go in with a friend to take a short trip in a luxury car or a convertible on a sunny day. Sign up for email listings at travel sites. If you watch for deals and look for discounts, you can get a hot car at a great price. If you go in with a friend (be sure you list two drivers if you both drive), you can split the cost and share the thrill.

It’s smart to cut expenses when money is tight, but if you think creatively, you can still splurge once in a while without doing much damage to your bank account.

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