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What to Do in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

March 29th, 2010

tamarindo-costa-rica.jpgTamarindo, Costa Rico is located on the northwest shore of the Pacific Coast in the Guanacaste province. It is a four to five hour drive from the main airport in San Jose, but is less than an hour from the international airport at Liberia. There is also a small airport just two miles outside the village of Tamarindo, with connecting flights to both Liberia and San Jose. Tamarindo not only refers to the small village at its heart, but to Tamarindo Bay, a long sweeping coast of beautiful beaches and clear blue water.

Tamarindo Beach is surrounded by two other nice beaches, Playa Langosta to the south and Playa Grande to the north. While you may never have a reason to leave the lovely beaches in Tamarindo, both of these beaches are protected nesting areas for giant leatherback turtles. If you are there from October to March, the turtles are coming to shore to lay their eggs. Also for nature lovers, just to the east of the bay is Las Baulas National Park. This is where the turtles spend the day during the nesting season and is the reason the park was created. Take notice — to enter the park at night, you must be accompanied by a certified guide.

The village of Tamarindo itself is a small, quaint town full of color and friendly people. You can walk from one end of the village to the other in fifteen minutes, but you will probably want to take much longer, enjoying the shops and cafes which spot the street along the beach. Most of the restaurants and hotels have bars or cafes overlooking the bay, which is a fantastic view. The local cuisine is fantastic, and there are many international restaurants there as well. And remember, most everyone in Costa Rica speaks English and Spanish.

For such a small stretch of land, there are many hotels including some chains as well as condos that offer rentals. You may also want to check out one of the smaller bed and breakfasts for a more personal touch. Wherever you decide to stay you will be greeted warmly and treated as a special guest by these friendly and outgoing people.

Tamarindo is a great jumping off place for the many excursions that can be found in this part of Costa Rica. There is sports fishing, diving, and snorkeling galore in the beautiful blue waters off the coast, as well as tours into the jungles and rain forests. The lush tropical forests of Costa Rica are full of wildlife including the howler monkey and iguanas. There are plenty of canopy tours and zip lines to see the jungle up close.

And no article about Tamarindo would be complete without surfing. Tamarindo Bay is a world class surfing destination. With its year round warm water and a wide variety of surfing conditions, Tamarindo has established a reputation in the world of surfing. The water just off the village is a great place to learn and it is full of people to teach. There are also several great breaks in the bay for more advanced. If you are a surfer, you must try Tamarindo.

For a more relaxing pursuit, there is a beautiful spa in the heart of Playa Tamarindo that offers all the treatments you may have come to expect at a world class spa and resort. But no matter whether you want to get pampered with luxury, surf the pounding waves, or brave the wilds of the jungle, Tamarindo is an excellent vacation destination full of exciting activities, great food, and wonderful people.

This article was supplied by Darryl Brooks from Constant Content.

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