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Review of the Sekonic L-758 Light Meter

March 30th, 2010

sekonic-l758-light-meter.jpgSekonic has been the number one name in meters for years, and this one raises the bar higher. As any photographer who has been around knows, the meter in your camera will only take you so far. It’s okay for a spot meter, but leaves a lot to be desired when precise accuracy becomes an issue. And as an incident or a strobe meter is concerned, the meter in your camera is useless. This is where a handheld meter comes in and the Sekonic L-758 light meter excels.

First, as a spot meter it does a much better job than the meter in your camera. Dial in the ISO, set the aperture or shutter speed, aim it at the point in your scene you want to meter and click the button. It quickly, and most importantly, accurately, gives you the correct exposure. If you are looking at a high dynamic range scene, you can take an average setting quickly.

The incident meter works in a similar fashion. Get your model in position and set the desired ISO and shutter speed or aperture, place the meter in front of the subject aimed at the camera and click. You will have a completely accurate reading for flawless exposures every time.

If you have spent any time in a studio, you know that the main reason you need a light meter is for strobes. This is something you simply can’t do in a camera, so you are left to either guess and adjust, or use a meter. It is very time consuming to set up three or four lights with different exposures on each one and get them right without a great meter such as the Sekonic L-758 light meter. But with this meter it is a snap.

Set your ISO low, say 100-200 depending on the recycle time you need. Next set your aperture, probably f8 or f11. Now place the meter in front of the subject like you did with the incident meter, but this time aim it at the light source. Now it is easy to get that 1 stop difference on your main lights and 2 stops on the background without endless guess work and wasted time.

If you are looking for a great, dependable light meter for your photographic needs, the Sekonic L-758 can provide the kind of accurate, high quality exposures that you just can’t get by using a digital camera alone.

This article was supplied by Darryl Brooks from Constant Content.

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