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How to Enjoy Bellingham, Washington

April 14th, 2010

bellingham-washington.jpgBellingham, Washington is a city in the northwest corner of the state on Bellingham Bay. The city is a great jumping off point to many areas of the Pacific Northwest or a relaxing travel destination in its own right. Bellingham International Airport has regional flights to destinations on the west coast of the United States, plus Las Vegas, Nevada and Vancouver, Canada. Since most domestic flights from other parts of the country into Bellingham connect through Seattle, it is usually easier and less expensive to fly to Seattle and rent a car for the drive up Interstate 5 to Bellingham. There are many locally owned hotels and bed and breakfasts in the Bellingham area, but not so many national chains.

One of the more interesting areas of Bellingham is called Fairhaven. This small dining and shopping district on the south end of the city is rich with 19th century historic buildings leftover from the lumber boom. Just outside of the Fairhaven district is the ferry terminal where you can get inexpensive sightseeing tours up the west coast as far as Alaska. Like most of this part of the country, the Bellingham area is rich with state and national parks and green space. One can spend weeks just exploring the trails, rivers, and lakes in this beautiful corner of the country. For a short day trip, be sure and explore nearby Mount Baker, a dormant volcano with an almost year round snow cap.

The Seattle area is of course known for its coffee and this trend has certainly spread into Bellingham. Those from other parts of the country will be amazed at the number of drive-up coffee kiosks that are located in virtually every parking lot in the district. But coffee isn’t the only culinary treat to be found in Bellingham. The area is rich with both local and international food. From the cheap burgers and delicious fried seafood at the Web Locker in the marina to the upscale steak and seafood houses downtown and in Fairhaven, there is plenty of great eating in Bellingham.

For shopping, there are plenty of small shopping areas and a major mall in the area. You can also venture back down I-5 toward Burlington for a large outlet mall. But you won’t want to pass up the many small, unique, and locally owned shops in the downtown and Fairhaven districts. You will also want to venture out of the city to the north and visit the many local orchards and take advantage of the many locally produced fruits and vegetables.

Whether you like to eat, shop, hike the great outdoors, or just take a relaxing stroll around a city with old world charm, Bellingham, Washington is the perfect destination.

This article was supplied by Darryl Brooks from Constant Content.

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